Old Cliche takes away my poker wil

"The house always wins" cliche has taken my will to play poker away. It's hard to imagine how much money is made from rake until you work for a casino or run your own game. My dealer and I used to play almost daily but our will is gone after seeing where much of the money goes. Playing poker is still fun to us and I occasionally sit in to complete a table, but it's hard to find the will to drive to a casino or nearby poker room knowing that you have to beat the rake.

At least you CAN beat the rake. Try beating the rake
in roulette.

The rake is your strongest opponent.

If 8 players sat at the table with a maximum bankroll of 100 dollars each, and the rake was 2 dollars per pot, and they played 20 hands per hour, the house would have all the money before the day was over.

That's what your typical low-limit player is up against.