Old for a mullet?

Are you ever to old for a mullet?

Forty nine and still have the ability to grow hair but I don’t want too wear a skull cap to keep hair out of eyes under my helmet.

I’m 46 and I have a shaved head and a rat tail. You’re not too old for a mullet.


no age is ever a good age for a mullet


If you have to ask, you’re too old.

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Too old? The better question is why would want one?

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An even better question is why would you question why someone would want one?

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Because this is a public forum. If you don’t like it, feel free to go some place that don’t allow outsiders.

To be rad as balls, duh.

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Ironic that you’d say that about my question.

It’s coming back in with the younger crowd, but I don’t consider them the true redneck, I sleep with my sister, white trash trans am driving real ones. An older guy with a mullet seems less of a poser to me.

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I’ve been rocking a mullet since COVID started. A full white trash mullet and mustache. People love it.

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I am currently rocking a hairdo that if permed would be Rob Ross mighty.
Mullet is only haircut I can think of that I get to keep my covid mop.

Do you have a beard, though? If you’re doing it with a smooth face or a gross goatee then props. A beard or huge mustache would just make it badass.

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If you support yourself, you’ve demonstrated enough responsibility to style yourself however the hell you want no matter your age.

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Do what you want to do. Who you trying to impress?

If you’re single go for it. If you’re married I doubt she’s on board with it

Attn: Luffy

or you could tuck the front of your shirt in and leave the back out and be a walking mullet.

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