Old Guard of MMA Stories- Not About MMA

Tim Lajcik rescued my dog from an alligator in about 2002-2003 or so. He did this by kicking the crap out of the alligator when it charged out of the water. I almost shat my pants when he did that.

You guys have any good Old Guard of MMA stories?? Phone Post 3.0

Andre has a ton.

Vitor vs Randy coture 1 I was in Vegas and early one morning went to an open mat at a jiu jitsu school that was near a strip club at like seven am and Dan Henderson walked out with a stripper on his arm and was absolutely wasted. As I was getting out of the cab he asked me is this my cab or yours. It was so godamn funny at the time. Phone Post

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I met Dan Severn about 10 years ago and I bought an Autograph from him. Khun Kao might have been there with some of his fighters. I wanted it made out to DaveFu. He thought I was trying to make him write out "To Dave F U ! Dan Severn" So after 3 minutes of my weak efforts, he signed it "To Dave F.U. Dan Severn" just to get rid of me.