Old guy tries to kill motorcyclist...

... responds, "I don't care" when asked why he tried to hit a passing vehicle. A motorcycle with a passenger (husband/wife) was making a pass on a double yellow (illegal), so grandpa thought it was appropriate to murder them both. A responding officer declined to arrest the old man, but the local DA will be prosecuting him.


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he must have a hell of a temper

the bikers are insanely calm for what happened. if that was my wife/girlfriend i dont think i could stop myself from beating that old man close to death. he should be charged with attempted murder

Holy crap, I was expecting something that blatant. Phone Post 3.0

*wasn't Phone Post 3.0

people are so insane over driving.  some people have no issues killing someone else just to prove a point, it's fucking insane.

let them pass like assholes, they'll likely wind up getting killed if they keep doing illegal shit.  it's certainly not worth causing someone's death because you don't like the fact that they're doing something illegal.

Wow...fuck that old guy Phone Post 3.0

I don't see how that's not attempted murder. That was absolute intent. Phone Post 3.0

How did the guy not get arrested?

I get being annoyed that people are breaking the law, they could even be endangering people by passing on a double yellow, but goddamn that old man's response was completely over the top. At MOST he should've tried to get their license numbers and called the cops. Geez.

Why gamble with your life on a motorcycle? To get somewhere a little bit sooner?

and old people be crazy.

I hope that guys does some time. Wow there are some psychos out there Phone Post 3.0

Old dude needs some time in the pokey for that shit Phone Post 3.0



'I don't care, I don't care.'

I used to ride that road all the time, very fun road. My buddy hit a buzzard with his head there and got knocked unconscious, had a real bad wreck.

Anyway, I've had guys swerve at me before like that. Some people really don't like getting passed. Phone Post 3.0

old ass POS

Where are all the 'if they weren't breaking the law this wouldn't have happened' people that usually entertain me on these threads?? I'm so let down.... Phone Post 3.0

That is a fucking horrible thing to do. I hope the guy gets convicted and does time, but I would think he has a reasonable chance of beating it if he tries. All he has to do is say he was just in his own world and then he was all of the sudden shocked by a really loud noise behind him, and he looked up and saw in his rearview mirror what he thought was a motorcycle about to rear end him. He spazzed to the left in an effort to get out of the way and didn't realize the maniac was actually at his side until he hit him.

Bear in mind, I think he should be convicted of attempted murder, but he could play the old man card here and possibly get away with it. I think a careful DA would plead this down a bit, which will set the stage for the civil lawsuit, which is where these people are going to get the closest thing to justice.

If that was me with my buddies, I woulda beat that old man within an inch of his life

Ramon Maroni - If that was me with my buddies, I woulda beat that old man within an inch of his life

i don't care