Old hatchet and axe head collection

So lately I've been looking around old antiuque type places in search of old hatchet and axe heads.  I have a decent knife collection and it's something I stumbled upon.  My 15 year old son is pretty into it, and we clean up the heads and set the handles etc. together.  Anyway, here they are:

This is a Jim Dandy by Kelly Iron Works.  It was mushroomed pretty bad so i had to take it down a bunch.  Its not finished yet.  That material on teh head is linseed oil.  I learned by accident that if you leave linseed oil on the metal that it makes it kind of gummy, but protects the steel.  I linseeded the handle about 5 times on this one.

This is a Jersey style axe head.  I dont know the maker but it does have a D3 stamp in the center. 

Awesome!! VU. Phone Post 3.0

This is a Champion hatchet head.  My son cut down a small maple tree with it a few weeks ago but the old handle was on it and it was in bad shape.  I need to put a new handle on this.

whatcha gonna do with those axes Eugene?

This one I got last weekend.  Its a Union Tool Company hatchet head from Charleston W Va.  It has a deep patina on it.  I need a handle for this one too.

I love this one.  This is a Walters Jersey style axe head.  It is solid and in great shape.  I did a little research and found out its canadian.  It gets razor sharp.  I'm putting a 24" handle on this one.

Those are awesome. I have a buddy thats made glass tables with old axes for legs. They are amazing and looKS awesome seeing the axes thru the glass top

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This is a True Temper hatchet I got in NH.  Its pretty sharp and lightweight.  I like it in my pack when I'm hiking.  I also made a custom sheath for it.  My leatherwork is still shitty, but it does the job.


This is an old Snow and Neally Hudson Bay style hatchet.  Its a wood splitter and pretty cool.  Snow and Neally now makes there shit in China, but this is American made.


This is actually and old Plumb axe head that my brother cut with a Makita to mimic the $120 Wetterlings he bought.  It's a neat little thing and I've used it backpaking a few times.

This is the last one.  This is an old Plumb carpenters hatchet.  I just put the handle on it and linseeded it.  I think I'm giving this one to my dad.  When I told him I found this he asked me to get him one.


Awesome!! Wish I had time for something like that ! Vtfu ! Phone Post 3.0

TFK_Geoff G Electric - Awesome!! Wish I had time for something like that ! Vtfu ! Phone Post 3.0
Thanks. I don't spend too much time on it. The hard part is finding the heads themselves. I've wasted a full day just driving around looking for the heads. Phone Post 3.0

Those are awesome but how many axes do you really need to cut a pile of wood? Phone Post 3.0

Have you considered leaving some in their natural state you find them in, or at least leaving the old handle attached?

None of the handles are serviceable when I find them unfortunately. And I don't need that many, it's just something I enjoy doing. Phone Post 3.0

Great thread.


Well then. It has suddenly become clear to me who will receive my first axe head when it comes to be.

What sort of wedges do you use? Wood lengthwise and then steel across? Phone Post 3.0