Old Igor Vovchanchin fights (vids)

Igor V vs Edson Carlvalho -

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vs Adilson Lima -

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vs Roman Tikunov -

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vs Nikolai Yatsuk -

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vs Alexander Mandrik -

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I've been trying to get a copy of that god damn IAFC tournament forever. You would think it would turn up on the internet by now.

Igor V vs Sergei Bondrarovich -

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vs The Black Devil -

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vs Paul varelens -

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vs Francisco Bueno -

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Igor V vs Mark Kerr highlight -

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Igor V vs "Dirty" Bob Schreiber -

Igor vs Gilbert Yvel -

Igor vs Takahashi -

where is this dude @?

Zuffa/UFC/WEC need to get on the ball with this dude and sign him @ 205lb..

If there were a MMA hall of fame(not ufc hall of fame) he would need to be inducted..

Those were some seriously brutal fights.

That was not Adilson Lima's night.

TTT for later

I remember the time the Edson Carlvalho fight happened. He was a BJJ BB and a "death touch" master and claimed he was going to use his deadly techniques on Igor, not hold back. He even believed so strongly in these death touches that he wasnt going to try and take it to the ground. I know it sounds funny now, but i guess you had to be around back then. There were people posting who actually thought that Igor migth get killed from the death touch shit. and even watching the fight you can see that Edson is not exactly throwing punches at times. I guess thats the death touch crap. Boy did he receive a beating.

Kickboxing > Death Touch

Anyone else remember all this?

A NIGHTMARE for BJJ back in the day.


The Fransico Bueno fight is hilarious because a split second before the knockout, Quadros is like, "Vovchanchyn may be a better striker..." Then BANG.

Guess it wasn't may be.

He is fearless... there is no quit in this guy for thr finish. How can he get intimidated by anyone in the world... He has faught toe to toe bare knuckle for like half his fights.
I don't know where he is but every wrestler in the UFC @ 205 better hope he is thinking of retirement. His power at 205 will give anyone fits.

He seemed burned out, and was very unimpressive in his last fights in
Pride. My favorite Igor story is that when he was growing up he was
known as a bully in his village. They had a bell they would ring to warn
people when Igor was on the rampage lol Don't know if it's true, but read
about it on this forum back in the day.