Old Koral Gi Collar Issues

For those who have a well used Koral...

Have the lapels on your gi become "shriveled" so that they won't lay flat any longer?

Both of my white Korals do this. It's annoying.

I belive it is because the collars contain a band of elastic that get warped from the dryer.(Yes, I DO dry my gis in the dryer).

Anyone else have this happen to their gi...?

I have 2 korals the oldest being 5-6 years old. And the collars have held up well over the years. Not sure on their newer products.

I have a Vulcan that have the same problem, and it's getting worse everytime I wash & dry it. Was thinking about getting another Vulcan, but maybe not...

quality seens to be dropping in the gi market.

HCK has held up in the quality control. Gameness as well.

Atama sux terds now.

Yes my Koral did the same thing. The collars shriveled up after a multiple dryer runs.

^ Interesting...

I think I am going to look for gis with collars that DON'T have synthetic materials in the collars (which unfortunately seems to be the trend now).

Thanks for the info!

well dont tumble dry koral and vulkan gis is the message.
i knew this a long time ago. koral and vulkan are made by the same people, and the rubber insert is supposed to keep it more hygenic, and any excessive heat will cause it to shrivel.
avoid tumble drying koral and vulkan gis people

lets take care of our gis and hang dry them.

my first instructor told me to dry my gi hanging in the sun or if that's not possible then over a radiator.

My 5 year old koral isn't shrivelled.

Unfortunately my wife would kill me if I had 5-10 gis hanging all over the place. The collar on my last Koral rolled at the bottom but not too bad. I used to dry it on low heat and started putting in dryer balls which help open things up and it dries faster so less time helps preserve the gi. Check out the Keiko Raca summer gi, similar cut to the Koral (longer slimmer cut) but get one size bigger than you would in Koral since they do shrink after a couple washes. A4 Keiko Raca summer fits the same as my A3 Koral did. They are also pretty inexpensive, $98 on Budovideos.com

I have a 3yr old white Koral & I dry it every time.

I dried it on Hot for the first year or so, until somebody told me it could warp the rubber in the collar. I still dry it every wash, but now on Medium heat. No shriveling or any problems. The lapels don't look much different than a new gi.

I noticed that it varies from gi to gi but I haven't gotten a new Koral in about 3 years so the new ones might be different than I remember. I had one that curled bad and one not much at all.

I don't really get the hang drying thing...

If you are training a lot and wear a clean gi to each class, I don't see this as feasible for a lot of us.

I also live in an apartment and those gis are not going to dry for days if I hang dry them.

I'd rather have a gi I don't have to "baby" and can just wash & dry like any other clothes.

My Krugan collars tore a little

TheMove - I also have a problem with the pants, the string gets all fucked up and its hard to tighten them now. Anyone know a fix for that?

What do you mean, did the string come out from the pants?

IF so, drive a medium-large safety pin through the end of the string then inch it through the fabric until it comes out the other side.

You can dry them in the dryer and they won't shrivel, as long as you don't dry on high heat.

replace the string with a length of rope. the roundness of the rope makes it so much easier to pull and tie up the pants.

you can put the gis in the dryer but don't have it on such a high heat and don't dry it for too long.

A friend of mine recently encountered this problem. Anyone know if Koral or JJProGear has a remedy for this?

grdstorm, which problem, the shrivelling? there is no solution, either throw it away or wear it, it cant be fixed unless u cut out the rubber insert, then u have a flimsy collar. use it as a training gi

cant a new collar be sewn on? or new rubber? It doesnt look that hard.