Old Man Tournaments

Ok all of you guys out there who are over 40 and train in BJJ, we need more tournaments for us. If I want to compete in a tournament I have to fight the 30 yr olds and I am 47... The only place that I get to fight someone my own age is in the Pan Am games.

If you know of any out there for us, let us know.

ttt I'm 54 and I'm tired of whoopin up on young guys. They get a little testy. But seriously, a tourny division for us older geesers would be cool. For guys 45+, having only an over thirty division is like heavy weights being "205 and up with no upper limit".

kEEP an eye open for the Texas Submission Challenge we will have a "wet's themselves when they get slamed to hard" Div for you old guys!

Great, just don't get in between me and my diaper bag. :)

Hey fellow old guys, I was just complaining at the arnold/gracie website threat that there are never any competitors my age - 42 and purple belt. Forget weight class - they ought to be different for us anyway . . . (urp!)

LOL at this thread! You geezers are the worst sandbaggers ever!!! I roll with a guy who's got to be at least 47 years old (brown belt, 175lbs) and he's always complaining about his neck and how he wants to go light. Bad neck, my ass!

The guy absolutely smacks up on me (I'm 32, purple, 170lbs) and our friend (35, blue, 215lbs), and pretty much everybody else around. He's not big, but he's got that "old-man" strength and plenty of guile!!!!

I also ran into a 45yr-old (at least) black belt in last year's NAGC who tapped me out (triangle) in about 2 minutes in the Master's Gi finals.

All I know is that I hate rolling with old men! They get you to feel bad for them and then take advantage and make you look bad when they put a beat down on you. Stop complaining -- no one feels sorry for you!

lol at famine!

I'm 40 and a white belt in Judo and BJJ. I prefer fighting younger men, because the guys my age are usually higher belts. I have found that I would rather fight people my weight (SHWT), no matter what their age, than my age, because the old guys, even if they are smaller, might have brn or blk belts.

Famin that's what we call old age and treachery

And it will always over come youthful exuberance.

And truth be told he likely does have that bad neck/shoulder/knee/back etc difference is us old guy come from a day when we were told to suck it up and deal with it. So when the game is one that's what we do then we go home and cry.

Oh and next time you come in here we are gonna ask for you ID! You best respect yer elders!

There's more than one kind of set-up . . .

most older guys are crafty.

ttt for us old guys! I will turn 40 in February!


Alvis, if you didn't tell anyone that, they'd never know. ;-)

turned 33 four months ago. do i qualify?

40, Purple belt! My body always hurts. But whenever a new person comes into class my instructor puts me against them. Last time I went to a seminar with my insrtuctor I rolled with all the participants without a break. I guess rank has it "Privelage". Tech, over strength when you are 40!!



contact tournament promoters and request them to push for the divisions you want so you know before hand if you have any fights. Then other master/seniors can see this and join in to fight as well. :)

It's like the problem girls have. We have to stay in close contact w/ our competitioon just so we can all meet up and fight. BUT IT"S GROWING!!


thats a great idea Christy....you know, I offer to roll with Kit all the time! she keeps turning me down



Psssst Alvis try right GUARD the prefered deoderant of BJJ superstars!

vdog, I remember that!! you rolled with at least 10 guys that day including myself without any breaks, and they were tough fights too!! You're in incredible shape for your age.
I'm going on 34, half-way between the young guys and the old men. Tough age to be at since you can't really use the neck trick, not old enough, and you can't really say you lack experience since your too old...