Old people don't respect younger gen opinions?

Just like the title implies. For the most part, not always, but it seems like the older generation are quick to dismiss or ignore younger generations opinions even if they hold merit and can learn something from them, they think just because they've lived so long that someone younger than them has nothing to teach them because they've already been through so much? at least that's what I've come to realize so far, more often than not.

One instance would be this older guy at my work we just hired, a new press printer, I'm the inventory & receiving manager and the material handler so I'm pretty involved in most the jobs this guy works on. I've had numerous experiences with this guy,

(I'd say he's probably around 60-70 only reason I don't know is because I asked him a couple times and he always says he doesn't need to divulge that information to me and believes it's irrelevant or some shit along those lines.)

Where I'll tell him the best way to run the job or give him some pointers to cut down on the amount of time it takes to run it. Than he'll purposely run it a different way even if it takes a significant amount of extra time just to prove some kind of point to me I guess. I know what your thinking; maybe this guys just a huge ass dick i.e. all shaft no balls. Yet everytime I try to help him out and he refuses he'll make some comment about how he doesn't need someone a quarter of his age telling him how to do his job.

I could be totally off here which is why I bring this discussion here in hopes of some other opinions other people might have had dealing with similar situations. Or some insight on how to deal with these grumpy old fucks?
FRAT version: young buck trues to teach an old dog new tricks, old dog refuses to listen to young buck out of sheer pride or stupidity, how do deal? Phone Post 3.0

Youth is wasted on the young.

OldSchoolMike - Youth is wasted on the young.

My grandfather used to tell me this all the time. Once you start getting shit figured out, its time to die.

Realise that if he's been in the industry a lot longer than you there may be a lot of stuff he can teach you. But also because you've been with that particular business a lot longer than him then there will be some stuff you can teach him. Try being a little flexible and see if there is some knowledge he can pass to you and thank him for it. It may soften his attitude.

I was in a similar situation once but it turned out the guy was just a grumpy old cunt and there was nothing I could do to change things. Hope that helps. Phone Post 3.0

Does know how to use then and than correctly?

But seriously, just get off his lawn and it'll be ok. Phone Post 3.0

I think the flaw in your argument is that you think your points have merit ...


its suppsed to go the other way ... listing to the elders and learn how the world really works not how it's supposed to work.

then make your moves and get the money . 

He probably just wants to collect his pay and not be bothered. He probably has no interest in learning new tricks. He's not trying to prove any point, he's just trying to discourage you from bothering him.

And a lot of people have fear of change! They've done something in similar way for 20 years so they think there is no alternative.

Same as I think there should be maximum age to vote too. :) Phone Post 3.0

Back off the guy, he's an old man in a dying industry.... He has enough problems without some Wisenheimer telling him how to conduct the trade he has given his life to. If he wants your input he'll ask for it.

Instead of telling him how smart you are, why don't you just make sure his cuts are correct, he has good stock for set up, has clean rags and strong coffee, and his ink right and ready. Just saying. Make his job easier, not harder. Phone Post 3.0

Ed Tom Bell: Alright then. Two of 'em. Both had my father in 'em . It's peculiar. I'm older now then he ever was by twenty years. So in a sense he's the younger man. Anyway, first one I don't remember too well but it was about meeting him in town somewhere, he's gonna give me some money. I think I lost it. The second one, it was like we was both back in older times and I was on horseback goin' through the mountains of a night. Goin' through this pass in the mountains. It was cold and there was snow on the ground and he rode past me and kept on goin'. Never said nothin' goin' by. He just rode on past... and he had his blanket wrapped around him and his head down and when he rode past I seen he was carryin' fire in a horn the way people used to do and I could see the horn from the light inside of it. 'Bout the color of the moon. And in the dream I knew that he was goin' on ahead and he was fixin' to make a fire somewhere out there in all that dark and all that cold, and I knew that whenever I got there he would be there. And then I woke up... Phone Post 3.0

I listen very hard to young people.

Amazing to hear their stories of what it was like growing up during the depression and serving in WWII.


Give respect and you're more likely to receive it.

Why don't you try putting yourself in his shoes?  He's old enough to know that no matter which way he does the job, it won't make one iota of difference in the bigger scheme of things....  you know, life.  Try dropping a bit of your own pride and ask his advice or opinion on something.  We old dogs feel like nobody listens to us any more.  We've paid our dues and deserve to be given, if not respect, then at least some breathing room. 

"I asked him a couple times and he always says he doesn't need to divulge that information to me and believes it's irrelevant or some shit along those lines"

sounds like you may be condescending while asking him how old he is, or at the very least he is interpeting you as being condescending.

we don't respect your opinions because they are normally shit.

Now turn that funking music down and get off our lawn

Everyone telling you to "respect your elder" here is kind of pathetic. Respect should be earned. If the old man has failed to warm your respect and is telling you he expects it anyway he's on par with any pathetic little millennial who wants a participation trophy for just showing up. Phone Post 3.0


I certainly don't. While they may generally lack intelligence and wisdom, are vain, at the whim of political correctness and worship social media they do have powerful belief in what they can achieve, almost fantasy levels, but that is a HUGE factor in success.

They have massive confidence in themselves, will try almost anything, and will instantly ease up to complete strangers. It's like they have automatic synergy.

Both groups are weak where the other is strong, and strong where the other is weak. Both should learn from one another.

“When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”


Add 20-30 years to that... When you get old enough, you'll realize you didnt know shit about shit when you were younger, you were just too dumb to realize what you thought was smart, really wasnt