Old Robbie Lawler fight question.

There was an old Robbie fight(pre UFC) where he beats the hell out of his opponet but the guy wont go down. After eating a dozen solid shots the guy starts to rally and he and Robbie trade bombs. I cant remember the guys name and it's driving me nuts......That guy could take a punch like no other!

 Probably the Shogun event in Hawaii vs Saburo Kawakatsu

Found it....it was ufc...Aaron Riley

You sure it wasn't his first fight in the UFC against Aaron Riley?


It was Aaron Riley and it was one of the best fights EVER

 I thought you were talking about his bout with Lytle.....I love that fight....

War Robbie!

that fight is by far my fav of all time. aaron riley is a tough bastard

I have the Lytle vs Robbie fight......Thats the one i thought you were talking about. Great fight.


 sorry I thought you meant before his UFC days...

Damn...just watched the highlights of that fight on myspace videos....it had been so long since I had seen that fight I forgot what a war it was....they both took several shots that would K.O. most mortals!

that fight was sooooooo good. riley is a stud.