Old school pics of me & ROYCE & SHAMROCK

The photograph of me and Royce Gracie was taken in the mid 1990's somewhere in Los Angeles, CA at a BJJ tournament. The photograph of me and Ken Shamrock was taken at one of the first KOTC. Bluenamer please...THANKS!!! PS: Yes, I look like a nerd.



 nice shot of helio in the backround too in the first one



Cool pics. Thanks for sharing!

sweet. you and Royce plus you also got Helio in the pic.

cool pics.. you are lucky to have meet Royce!

Helio in the background.. And whoever that baby is, is probably a BJJ black belt by now.

Good pics man.

Is Helio trying to figure out if that baby is one of his?
...or is he just looking to steal it ?

Very cool pics.