Old School Vanderlei Silva just fought Cung Le !!!

 WHAT A FIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!

No more Wanderlei !

It's back to Vanderlei Silva !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vicious !!

 lol, i was yelling and frothing at the mouth and shit

i wanted moar!

he even threw straight punches, it was amazing

Those clinch knees brought back a rush of nostalgia. I like Cung a lot so I felt badly for him but that was an awesome moment. Phone Post

I made a fool of myself at BWW. "Fuck yes Wanderlei!!!!"

Everyone was just staring at me haha. Phone Post

No, it is still the same Wanderlei that lost to Leben. He just fought a fighter who gassed early.

Haadogei - lol EatonBeaver was on here saying how mma sucks after the Pacquio fight, now he's pretending to like it again. lol.

 You can't read.  I never said mma sucks.  I dislike the UFC, but follow the fighters I like. 


If I thought MMA sucks, I wouldn't watch it anymore.  MMA is my passion.   

PrideFC in its prime was the greatest thing to watch ever.

I had a fight-gasm and was shaking he looked like pride Wandy Phone Post

I screamed "PRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE!" when he won but I scared the sit out of my cat lol

Man, I was a my buddies place and we get almost every card and most of us train, so it's rare that we get all jumping up and down screaming retarded....

But we sure as fuck did when Wand started bombing knee's!!!

Sooooooooooo unbelievably satisfying.