Old time BJJ guy needs knee replacement - help

Need help to determine whether to do both knees at the same time, or 1 at a time. I would rather do both, one time in the hospital, one rehab, one time under gas and one and done. Any advice will help. Thank You

Get them both done or you may change your mind and not do the other one once you realise that you have to go through all of it again


I would say get them both done at once.

do both at once if your Doc will let you

In for results…

I might need one in the future.

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Op how did you end up needing both knees surgery?

How old are you op?

My knees were shot but I started taking collagen and Osteoflex and my knees feel great now.

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who the fuck is op?? South Florida old BJJ guy - known as Portugal because i lived in Portugal and meu idioma nao se bom pra dos brazileros. Wrestled in HS and College and over the years had 5 major knee Operations

How the fuck have you had an account here for 4 years and don’t know what op means?

I know OP the guy who posts here under various names. also I had another ID for 10 years before. guess i don’t use op for original poster, sorry - my age > 65

Most old wrestlers or rugby players I know got one leg done at a time, mainly because your ‘good’ leg provides support for rehab exercises. Both legs at same time means you’re not on your feet for a while.

I just don’t want to rehab 2x, operate 2x, go under sedation 2x, pain meds 2x. the downside is you need someone to take care of you for 5 days, longer under sedation, more blood loss. I am in good shape and have had rehabs due to 5 knee acl replacements by myself,
but I heard, you can walk in 5 days. anyone who had this Operation, my questions are 1) how much pain?, how soon to walk?, any complications? how long is rehab. thank you

I’ve had one… You must be one hard headed bastard.

Had two male relatives that had both knees done, both one at a time. Both were due to sports injuries and subsequent arthritis. Both were in 60’s or 70’s when operations done.

Restoration of mobility and strength took them 3 months or so. Probably longer for range of motion. For the first month, steps and stairs are slow. It’s a much bigger operation than ACL.

Consult your doctor before considering getting both knees done at same time. I really don’t see someone walking more than within a house for the first 3-4 weeks if both were done.

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I’ve had 2 lol. How the fuck do u do 5?? Good luck OP.

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Good luck on whatever you decide! Tough decision, like everyone else I know people who have had the full replacement on a knee but never both at the same time. I have had alot of surgeries as well, always sucks! Having a full shoulder replacement next month for number seven.