old usenet thread about UFC 1

Pretty interesting to see what people were posting back when UFC first started.

Ultimate fight -




Yeah, I remember that. I posted: "Shamrock will win. I am 100% sure."

thanks Ryan ;)


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE no more Judo Vs. BJJ threads...I'm going to get physically ill this time =(



A lot of the comments were annoying and stupid from people in denial, but some were quite prescient.

I remember thinking that either Shamrock or Gordeau would slaughter everyone as it was starting. I suppose the fact that the Gracies sponsored it likely should've given me half a clue, but considering this was so foreign to me I was almost expecting it to look like a kung-fu movie.

Admittedly I don't think the competition was all that great in #1, it was an eye opener and I never looked back.

Soon after I watched some old UWFi matches and was convinced Takada or Albright would kill all those guys anyway ;) In allreality, if Royce wasn't in #1, that likely would've been true...

That's hilarious.

"Now, a few caveats about the match. Although this
wasn't fake or choreographed in any way I could see (those
punches and kicks landed, and the fights were too ugly and
short to have been staged, despite the suspicious "wrestling
consultant" listed in the credits), I wonder if I didn't smell
set-up somewhere in the air. I don't know who any of these
fighters were, but the fact that the kickboxer was so
obviously out of shape makes me wonder if a lot of these guys
weren't patsies. The Gracies seemed to have had a hand in
setting this thing up -- there was a little ceremony before
the final match, in which one of the brothers (in a tuxedo)
presented a plaque from the Gracie brothers to the father,
Helio, in recognition of something or other. Jim Brown
(commentating from the sidelines, looking like he couldn't
wait to get out of there and get his check) kept talking about
how he was going to have to take up jiu jitsu, that he'd
learned what *real* fighting was all about. Even the kung fu
guy who won an exhibition match put in a plug for the Gracies,
talking about how influenced he'd been by them. I'd be
interested in hearing from other people who watched this
fight -- how good were the stand-up fighters? Could better
fighters have used their techniques against Gracie to better

Geez, the Gracies planned it out pretty well, didnt they...