Old WSOP's-ESPN Classic

 Just wanted to give you guys a heads up(for those who didnt know) that the ESPN Classic channel sometimes show older WSOP tournaments.  I've seen a couple.  They show it at 9 pm Pacific time.  I recently saw the 1995(the one harrington won) and I believe 1992.  Last night, they also showed the 1996 U.S. Poker Championship featuring a younger Phil Hellmuth in all his annoying glory.  Holy shit, this guy put on a show.  Everytime he won a big hand, he would go over to the rail and give his mother a big hug.  He was also showing off some of his bluffs to other players and whining when he got outdrawn as usual.

 The only shitty thing about these shows is that they dont show the hole-cards.  I guess they didnt have the technology back then.

so hellmuth's always been an ass? go figure.

Apparently he used to be worse.