Old XBOX Games no Longer Playable on 360?!?!

So I go to play my oldskool Tiger Woods Golf 2005 on the 360 and it says it is no longer compatible. WHAT THE FUCK? Is it all those BS upgrades that the 360 is asking for that is making my old games unplayable so that I have to go and buy the new Tiger Woods 2009?

If so, FUCK THAT. If I spend my hard earned cash on a game, I better be able to play it for life.

I mean shit, I can still play Section Z on my old skool NES, but I can't play TW2005 on my 360? Total BS, has this happened to anybody else?

No one else?!?

Bah! Go eat some more cheeseburgers fat boy.

lol @ 2005

Try playing Section Z on a wii

2005 was the best one. I played it today

The new ones try to be to real. I like to be able to shoot in the 50's. If I want a golf game to be hard I'll just go play real golf.

you can play most but not all x box games on the 360 .there's a list of games on xbox.com that are still playable. i know this because i just ordered midnight club 3 and i couldn't play it. I think it's bullshit.

I wanted to play KotOR again the other day on my 360, but it ran all glitchy so I gave up after about 30 minutes.

 Are you saying you used to play that particular game on the 360, but now it won't work?

xbox.com has info on how to burn a cd to download to the box to play your older games...