Oldest Medalist at Mundials?

Who is the oldest competitor to have medaled in the black belt, adult division of the mundials? I can think of Ricardo De La Riva, winning 3 matches and getting the bronze in 2002 as a 37 year old, but wanted to see if anyone knew of someone else?

Probably Megaton

I was just wondering about this today myself.

I want to say it was Royler and that Saulo wanted to be the one to beat that record. I could have that mixed up with ADCC though.

David Meyer has got to be one of the oldest guys to medal. He took bronze in the absolute 1998. I think he was 36 when he won a medal. Anyone know his actual dob?

Megaton last won a medal in 2002 taking bronze in the super feather division. Megatons dob is October 2, 1967. So he would of been 34 when he won a medal.

Royler Gracie dob is December 6, 1965. He last won the mundials in 1999. So he would have been 33 when he won.

DeLaRiva i think was born in 1965. He last took bronze in the 2002 pena division. He would have been 37 or 36 depending on when his birthday is in that year.

Are there any other older people who have medaled?

Does anyone know Kid Peligro? He'd know the answer for sure.