AA & now MIR

Heavyweight division, LOOK OUT!


!!!!!!!! Phone Post 3.0

tumn - Fedor

But, but, but... He's passed his prime?!

I must be an old mma fan...i dont think of mir as old school. ..but he prob is. Phone Post 3.0

Too bad we only see HW fights once every few events.

We just had our quota. Won't see another HW fights for at least 3 more events. Phone Post 3.0

In the last 365 days
Lawler became champ.
Hunt fought for a title.
Werdum won an interim title then won the real one.
Hendo got a KOTY candidate.
Vitor fought for a title.
Mir devastated Duffee.
Andrei Arlovski is the arguable #1 contender.
CroCop is on a win streak.
Fedor announced his return. Phone Post 3.0

Mir has been working on the intricates of manouvers Todd different hasn't even heard off