oleg takarvoaa or w.e

cant spell his name, today my uncle was like, that oleg takarove or w.e is missing, is this old news or was he messin with me? whats goin on with him?


Don't exactly get it but:

y Jeremy Wall
Sunday, June 12, 2005

In a bizarre story, Oleg Taktarov and a group of others have been found after going missing in a remote part of the country Namibia where they were filming a documentary on African witchcraft. The crew, which included Taktarov, an English businessman, an American pilot, a sex therapist radio host and an athlete from South Africa, had been chased out of a village and missed their helicopter, and ended up missing. They are said to be safe now at this point.

Taktarov was one of the early stars of the UFC, winning the UFC 6 tournament by defeating Tank Abbott in the finals in one of the best matches from that era of UFC. He also headlined UFC 7 in Buffalo, going to a time-limit draw with Ken Shamrock in a match which Shamrock would have won had their been judges in the UFC at that point. He also made it to the finals of the first Ultimate Ultimate tournament in December 1995, losing for the second time in his career to Dan Severn.

He left UFC after that point, floating around the early MMA world and never doing as well as he did in the early UFC events. He lost to Ryushi Yanagisawa in Pancrase, was knocked out by Renzo Gracie on the failed Martial Arts Reality Superfighting pay per view and was knocked out again by Gary Goodridge at the first Pride event in late 1997. He also had a lopsided of a match with Marco Ruas, a rematch of their fight from the Ultimate Ultimate, in Brazil where Taktarov was not allowed to take Marco down during the fight. They ended up going to a draw, and Taktarov took Ruas down in the final moments of the fight. He left MMA in early 1998, finishing with an 11-5-2 record, and went into acting. He even appeared in the movie 15 Minutes with Robert DeNiro.

I honestly don't know how a 200-pound Russian former Ultimate Fighting champion can go missing, but that's just me.

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TTT for Oleg.