Oleg Taktarov is in The Machine

Mrs.MammaBucky is a fucking Saint, YOU TAKE THAT BACK!

This exactly. Give me cult leader delia over this hyper fat fuck. He did say on bussin with the boys with shane gillis that he made 25 MILLION last year.

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Apparently Burt is the inspiration behind “van wilder” as well. It’s why he can’t hang around Ryan reynolds.

I interviewed Taktarov years ago just before he fought for Bodog in Russia. I said “I remember when you fought in the UFC!” and then he spoke for 45 minutes. Nothing odd about that.


“Ah kan do anething”

Still one of my go to quotes thanks Oleg

The guy clowning Schaub was funnier than anything that dipshit has ever done.

He isn’t just not funny, he’s anti-funny. His comedy makes me angry. Fucking bizarre.

I love seeing Oleg pop up in these movies tho. He almost never survives anything I’ve seen him in.