OlegVsMarco 2=what really happend?

Relax Didn't have enough space to spell happened.

I heard different stories about what the rules were supposed to be and the way the fight went. btw i know it was a draw, im looking for details. What was with all the rule changes? After ten years the truth pleasssssssssssse

There have been several stories and I have no idea which is true. According to Ruas, they agreed to no leg kicks but Oleg starting using leg kicks so Marco retaliated. According to Oleg, Ruas didnt want to fight on the ground so Oleg agreed to a standup fight and only took the fight to the ground at the very end to prove he could.

Ruas commanded the 2nd fight, yet it was ruled a draw due to the time limit.

It was not as boring as their first fight.

Oleg appeared to be favoring his leg from the start. There must have been some "Gentlemans Agreement" not to leg kick, because Oleg's corner went ballistic when Marco did.

Oleg ended up with numerous facial cuts. Pretty bloody battle. Ruas had his number on that night.

The cool thing about this fight was that they were not wearing gloves. When Ruas nailed Oleg on the face, you could appreciate the impact sound of bare knuckles on face.

Ruas also landed a spinning backfist which rocked Oleg.

I remember hearing that Oleg's knee was in bad shape so they agreed to no leg kicks,until Oleg kicked Marco.

Oleg got owned the second fight

Didnt oleg fight Renzo 2 weeks after this fight?

yeah, he got kicked in the melon by renzo. His head was like a pumpkin the day after haloween.

Oleg took a beating. That was a brutal fight.

Suprising marco couldn't finish him.

i felt bad for oleg vs renzo. and i wanted to see em mix it up a bit too

"Suprising marco couldn't finish him."

Marco in many ways was similar to his student Pedro. A counter fighter unless he was going against a NEWBIE.

"why he didnt "demonstrate" this instinct and boxing ability more in his other fights IS BEYOND ME..."

Marco lacks aggression against CERTAIN opponents. He'll pull a heel hook but after that seems to lose steam. I think he was at his best in VALE TUDO no gloves matches. Back in the old UFC days of NO GLOVEs...u had numerous hand breakage.