Oli Geddes: The Journey To Faixa Marrom

 Oli Geddes is arguably the most prolific competitor in the UK.

Training full-time under Roger Gracie, he just received his brown belt after winning the European's for the second year running. He made it to the Abu Dhabi pro finals as a purple and beat a black belt... now we hear his story and how he got to where he is! Interesting read and an inspiration for those starting out. hopefully.



He has never shirked a tough challenge though, citing the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials victory as one of his defining moments, and one that will cement in him the belief that his skills can be held up and attested for at the highest level.

“I was a two-stripe purple belt and I headed out there to try and scalp a brown belt and fight a black belt,” Oli told us. “That was all I went for really, to fight higher level guys on a big stage. And then I beat a black belt and a brown belt and I qualified for the Abu Dhabi Pro in Dubai which was just crazy. I mean, I ended up in the same division as Michael Langhi, Marcelo Garcia, all those guys, and I was just a guy from the UK who’d been doing BJJ for a bit under four years. It was insane really. And yes, I lost, but just to stand on the mat with those guys was an honour and an experience I hope to have many more times in the future.”