Olive oil for strength

This sounds stupid, but this morning I was completely out of food. I mean, I had the refrigerater full of condiments and the dishes with tiny bubble and imperfections, but no food.

So, I'm hearing all of this good stuff about olive oil. I decided to take a good swig. Although it didn't taste very good, it wasn't terrible.

About two hours later I had the best workout of my life, with energy and strength to spare. I powered through a workout which normally taxes me to the limit!

I tried to think of other factors which may have contributed, but the only other thing I had was a cup of instant coffee, which I normally have in the morning.

I told a friend about this and he said he read in a book that Sicilian farmworkers would drink olive oil to maintain their energy through the day.

Anyone else tried this very strange tactic?

I know a few people who do it to make sure they get enough fat throughout the day... I dont think there's anything magical about it that would give you a better workout though.

popeye stronger

lol @ popeye stronger

This is new to me. Interesting.


I always find that having some fat 1-2 hours before workouts helps. I usually have a peanut butter sandwich or some Almonds and raisens. The fat gives you energy that burns slower and will thus take your through a workout.

Mike Mahler

I did a bit of a spiel a few days ago on monounsaturated oils, but to recap.....

Monounsaturated oils (like in Olive Oil) seem to aid efficiency in gaining lean weight and promoting strength gains than other types.

Conversely, MCTs are widely regarded as a better fuel source for endurance based activities.

Of course, studies I've seen were conducted over a period of weeks, rather than one workout, and involved a little more precision than a "swig".

Then, your results could have been for any one of a dozen other reasons, too.

Double Post

How much did you take before your workout Will2learn?

biggy-g, I would say it was probably 2-3 tablesppoons.

Incidentelly, I did the same thing again this morning and had another tremendous workout, strength and cardio-wise!

how long did you take it before your workout?


Sicilian? Didn't Vassini say you could never trust a Sicilian?

I eat tons of fats, I feel like they give me more energy. I drink a 1/4 cup (about 4 tablespoons) of olive oil in protein shakes every morning.

I 'hit the bottle' (olive oil, that is) every day this week before my workouts. And every workout this week was fantastic!

I have now incorporated olive oil as part of my pre-workout regimen.

I prefer Synthol (j/k).