Oliveira a bigger PPV draw than Colby

So some Brazilian fighter is wishing on a star that he’ll fight on the same card as a Conor/Charles on a card in Brazil and that’s your proof? lol

Come on now. This is zero confirmation of anything.


This was a great card. Olivera consistently delivers and so does Gaethje. I was also stoked for Chandler vs Tony Furgeson. I love Shogun and Rose has so many fans too. This was just too good to pass up.


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That’s still take nothing away from an incredible fighter. You are not Islam or his management team so who gives a shit

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ROFL. Fake news. Besides, as stated previously, the card as a whole matters. This card was allegedly loaded. Stop it. Use some reasoning.

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There are very few bigger draws than Colby nowadays. Nobody in his division (that why he had to carry Masvidal and Usman in their fight promotions), maybe Khamzat thanks to all the fanatics but he was found to be mortal and have a very limited vocabulary so the dust will eventually settle. Obviousliy, Conor. Izzy. Anybody else?

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I personally understand when after a guy wins the strap that he may be entitled to his first defense being a name money fight so long as the guy is legitimate. If Olivera got a fight with Connor, people would be pissed and I can understand that, but Olivera would be a prohibitive favorite. Not really smart for McGregor to accept that fight with his inactivity and injury history if it’s offered anyway but I’d be amazing to watch everyone melt down if he managed to win.

I think Conor has a much higher chance of winning that fight than people give him. Charles ain’t exactly known for his defense or chin, and Conor can sleep him. The only meltdown will be that of the quality of the division and of the UFC.

Lots of guys do this. Where’s your hate for Colby and other WW’s who wouldn’t fight Khamzat? Even Burns wouldn’t initially. This is how they make money. And they make more money if they win. Tbh I don’t think Charles feels he will lose to Islam either, he likely just wants Islam to build up his brand more. MMA Fighting and a few other MMA podcasts I listened to speculated that’s why Dana wants the Dariush fight first as well, to build Islam up more with casuals to drive up the ppv numbers when he does fight for a title

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Although I am hoping Charles gets the Islam fight next. Wish it were in Brazil though and not Abu Dhabi, while he’s riding so high with this streak. They want Islam on that card but he should have many years to be a star for future Abu Dhabi cards

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Oliveira is exciting and he wins. If he learns English, steps up his social media game, and gets the UFC machine behind him he could be a top 3 draw.

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Survived Dustin, Chandler and Gaethje. Does not have a good chin LOL

I’m an MMA fan and want to see champs defend against the best, not retarded money fights against bums.

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Dropped in every single one of them multiple times after being touch, including in early rounds. Fact that he survived, more on his opponents who couldn’t finish the job, including Justin who was running back scared after dropping Charles twice in the first round.

This was a stacked card. I even payed for it this time. But I didnt know Cowboy/Lauzon was off, which was 3rd fight I was looking forward to.



Islam beats Charles. Charles simply trying to get a money fight before it happens.

I wonder if Conor still asking for title fight against watered down version of Khabib. Losing to Khabib was embarrassing enough…

As do most, however casuals will look at this winning streak and not know most of Islams opponents. There’s wanting a fight that the eye test tells you is going to be great, a fight the odds makers have favouring Islam. But then there’s looking at the reality of it and dealing with the UFC and what they want. Getting a title shot off of a short notice Bobby Green…I don’t think the UFC wants Islam to fight for the title without giving him a signature win against a guy like Dariush. The whole fiasco of volunteering to step in vs RDA and then backing out for whatever reason doesn’t help him either. Dana can be petty.

In saying that don’t mistake me saying he might not get the fight for me saying he doesn’t deserve it or I don’t want to see it. I’m just being realistic when it comes to the UFC and how they typically work. Khabib wasn’t a draw at first and had to work harder to get to the title. Cancelling the interim title fight for not being able to make weight vs Tony probably also hurt his standing with the UFC…but that promo to fight Conor after he beat Barboza sold him. If that fight doesn’t happen Khabib doesn’t get the shot. He doesn’t get the fight with Conor for the title off of a win over Michael Johnson…that’s just the reality of how the UFC works. They wanted a signature win to help get him over first. Dariush represents what Barboza was…what Tony was supposed to be, for Khabib on his way to the title in the eyes of the UFC


Didnt read lol, but actually would be interesting to see Oliveira vs Colby and Usman, Chimaev, Gilbert
Oliveira a bit lanky, but looks very lean after/before weight ins

Right now, Islam‘s best leverage isn’t his actual skills or winning streak, it’s khabib pushing him as the next big thing and being in Dana’s ear.

Think about that for a second.

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