Oliveira admits he was forced to fight Islam and tried everything in his power to avoid the fight

You NPC you!

Stop NPCing people floppy! They’ll NPC you right back

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This. His personality even fucking worse.

It’s a no win situation for Charles or the fans


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Lmfao @ that half-hearted showtime leg kick!

He doesn’t have the title.

Was meant to read Oliveira was trying to hang on to “his claim to the title”.

Your Freudian slip shows that you know he’s the champion. That just happened.


He is by all rights the uncrowned champion but not for long because Islam is going to put an end to his run and the better part of his career.

Where the fuck did Paddy come from in this lol
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I’ve been on threads with you where you were railing about Charles not wanting to regain his title.

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Based on the title alone, I knew who started this thread.

Has Khabib accepted your offer of a date yet?


And you clicked anyway,

my fan.