Oliver Stone thinks the Neocons are gonna detonate a nuke in Ukraine and blame it on Putin

Why just the neo-cons? The peace loving liberals have been beating the war drums harder than anyone.


Very smart man. Met him once; wasn’t pretentious at all. If he says something… people should probably listen.


Wait, do we take celebrity opinions seriously or not?


Neocons/Neo-libs/Globalists, there isn’t much of a difference between them, imo.


He’s smarty guy but a bit crazy too. He loves communist dictators like Chavez

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Does he have opinions on all the poisoned political opposition of Putin?
Does he have opinion of Putin’s rise to power after the likely false flag attack in Russia prior to taking out Grozny?
Does he have opinion on Russia as a dying empire with terrible demographics looking to possibly reconstitute the former SU borders now because it was now or never in the eyes of Putin and that crew?

On Russian state TV the pundits talk about nuking NATO nations and the US and it gives them a laugh.

He never said anything about being Putin being a good guy , only that he thinks Neocons might detonate a Nuke there . Are you saying these things about Putin justify a Nuke being dropped in Ukraine ?

They have their talking points down “We will respond in kind.” which tells me they have something planned. They don’t care at all about the Ukrainian people, they care only about destroying Russia and what it stands for and keeping their controlled money laundering country safe.

I am hoping for a global nuclear war, mass destruction, and depopulation, and a restart of humankind.

No I’m just not seeing how the neocons detonating a nuke in Ukraine and blaming it on the Russians would further their objectives.