Olivera made Justin quit

Oliviera really is inspirational. Crazy how he used to be kind of a quitter and somehow he’s found the eye of the tiger and reinvented his mindset to have one of the biggest hearts in MMA.


We’ve seen him grow right before our eyes. He was some ghetto kid from the favela and he has grown to be one of the most complete martial artist ever


Justin didn’t quit. WTF, He got caught with a strike, and Olivera is an amazing grappler and clsoed the deal.

I too thought Justin started to go too wild but he had Charles nearly KOed and just tried too much to finish the job.

It’s insane that Olivera has developed that iron clad mental toughness. The dude has been nearly KOed in his latest bouts yet always continues as if nothing happened at all. Like he has no fear because he has zero doubts.


that’s show biz

Tapping out is asking the other person to please stop… otherwise known as quitting. I quit, you win, please stop.

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Colby still around :joy:

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And he’s forgiven Dana for stripping him. GOD BLESS Charles! A Champion to be proud of! A Champion with Jesus in his heart! An example for us all!


Looks like the girl in the back was struggling to not shit herself

Real Champs find a way to win! I’m not saying but Dana and Company is racist even though that was brought up in a couple of other threads but I just can’t help but think there’s a million other Champions that have passed through the UFC that would not have been stripped under these circumstances, specifically with the disarray of the scale situation. I also can’t think of any reasons why the UFC would not want a champion like Charles representing them. Hes very exciting, can k.o., or submit any given opponent On Any Given night. I was also thinking to myself if this could end up being a huge backfire on the UFC, as the stripping only seemed to fuel Charless Champion like performance even more Saturday night! By the way I’m glad Charles was able to come out on top, and for what it’s worth I still consider him to be the champion!


My thoughts exactly.

Other drugs
All good

.5 lbs on wonky scale?

I rhink you said it in another thread, i am tired of weigh-ins. I want fight day weight where fighters are w/in 5% of eachother. The exact weight is pedantic and distracting.


Khabib retired because he didn’t want that Olivera smoke.


Definitely wasn’t me that said that.I wholeheartedly 100% believe that weight cutting is a skill and to have same-day weigh-ins would be a detriment to Fighters Health even more so without sufficient rehydration to the body’s organs and brain

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I don’t think that was the reasoning behind Kabibs retirement, but I guess Allah and the other hot tub gods were looking out for him. All praise be!!!

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I agree with this.

The .5lb uncertainty leaves a bad taste. I dont want fight day weigh ins. I like the OneFC method (i think its them) where they weigh you over 2-3 days.

I get your position, especially given wrestling background.

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I’ve always found certain fighters’ mindset regarding ‘quiting’ very strange. Giving up due to a choke that’s unlikely to do any long-term damage is perfectly fine, but giving up due to getting your head bashed in makes you a bitch and a quitter. Lol.


He’s been training!!

He could have just let himself go out, to not be a quitter. If you quit to a quitter then you are the quittest

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I’m not claiming racism either but there is definitely some bullshit going on with Charles being stripped. I think it’s fuckin stupid to strip your champion without even at least looking into what happened on the scales that day. Unless it comes out that nothing happened and he just missed weight, I’m counting this win as a title defense for Charles. He’s still the champ and this was his 2nd defense. I will be ready for when the dumbfucks on this forum who in 4 years will say Charles never beat the real champ, was stripped and only defended once, etc

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Or vice versa. There are fighters who literally never quit when their head is being caved in but tap to submissions. People just can’t wrap their heads around tapping. Quitting is when you get into the fetal position and let somebody tee off on you. Tapping is understanding you are unable to escape the position you are in and letting go of the possibility that you will reverse it and win.

Some people tap really quickly though, without even trying to get out. That’s quitting. But hey, I’ve never stepped in a cage before, so I’m nobody to talk.