Oly lifting

do olympic lifters do the same lifts every day or do they skips days? How do they break things up, if they do?

Do they alsy do wind sprints or any other cross training?

Hi Rali,

I'm involved with Olympic weightlifting and will be pursuing coaching certification at the end of September.

For us, it really depends on where we are in our training cycles. Nearing a competition (several weeks out), we tend to back off on the assistance exercises and focus more on the snatch and c&j exclusively. For instance, in the last couple of workouts before our recent Minnesota meet, we did both exercises, and finished off with a couple of lighter sets of squats.

Program design will vary depending on the individual requirements of an athlete. For regular training, I GENERALLY to do snatch one workout and c&j another, though this isn't always the case. Some athletes regularly do both in a workout.

Typically, we begin a workout with our sport movements (snatch and/or c&j) and conclude with squatting. Squatting is done every workout, but we alternate between front and back squats. I've done higher reps, but generally keep it at or below five.

Other common assistance movements include:

Overhead Squats

Snatch Grip Pulls

Clean Grip Pulls

Deadlifts (occasionally)

Standing Press (snatch grip and regular)

Press Behind Neck (usually snatch grip)

Drop Snatches

We never do bench pressing, curls, leg presses, or any of the common bodybuilding exercises. Some clubs may, but we do not.

As far as cardio goes, I'm of the opinion that, even if you are only doing a sport that involves one rep (six total reps over the course of a competition, not including warm-ups) performing some cardio is a good idea, purely from a balanced-lifestyle perspective.

Hope this helps somewhat.

A great book on Weightlifting is Arthur Dreschler's 'Weightlinfting Encyclopedia.' Pretty much the bible of the sport.


Thanks a lot Nathan. Just what I was looking for.

I went to the Dan John site and wholeheartedly second NEDCMK1's suggestion. There is a lot of great info there, and the e-book looks very good.


Dan John has a library of free info on Oly lifts and throwing sports like Shotput. His info carries over well to any explosive athletic movement. (striking?)




good site, thx

Many different ways to train as a OLifter. Many different methods coaches employ. Some agree and others disagree.

Im an Olympic lifter I have an A and a B session. One is Snatch other is C&J.

Work out normally goes like this:

Snatch or C&J
Squat (alternate front and back on different sessions)
Technical or strength
Pulls (Snatch or Clean pulls)
Abs or back

Exercises vary on what my coach wants to work.

Week before a comp (Sat or Sun) I go to 95% on the 2nd to last session (Monday) on both lifts then front squats for a heavy 3reps. Wednesday I lift ~ 90%. Rest up and lift at comps.

A lot of Olifters train 2x a day. Morning and evening session. They will split up their sessions so they do 2 or 3 exercises in the morning and finish the rest in the evening session.

A beginners programme is a lot different to a lifter who has some proficient technique. They will (should) do a lot of bar work and ingrain good technique before loading on the full lifts. Lots of lifts from the hangs and lifts to mid thigh (light weights, purpose to ingrain good 1st pull bar movement, strong use of legs and locking out the back properly and keeping angle of hips and shoulders consistent and not jacking up the hips well ahead of the shoulders!).

Nathan what do you Olift?