Olympic Caliber Speed

I'm talking about sub 10 second 100m sub 22 200m and sub 45 400m. The kind of speed that you just see someone fly by you and you dont even know what just happened. Is this something that you're just born with?

right blend of genetics and training imho.

i will never EVER run a sub 10 sec 100m no matter how much training i have.

yeah i think im getting to the point where im realizing ill probably never drop below 13 if im lucky. ive been training hard for a few monhts now and am still right around 14.3 range for 100 but my 200 times have improved. I started out around 33 and have gotten 29.6 a few times. Which is only a second over my 2x100 time which is pretty good

"How do you know stazher??"

How do I know it's a blend of genetics and training or how do I know I'll never run a sub 10s 100m?

If you mean about running a sub 10s 100m, then you are correct, I don't know. Hell maybe i could lift a truck with my mind with the right training. But one has to set realistic goals.

Maybe if I dedicated the next 5 years of my life to nothing but sprinting I might be able to pull it off. But there is a much bigger probability that I wouldn't. There is only so much you can do to make fast twitch muscle fibres out of slow twitch.

But if you see me in the next Olympics I will have kostakorres to thank ;)

you can make a slow person faster but to be world class and to be the fastest person in the world for 100m i have to believe is very much just "having it" yes you would have to train your @$$ off for it but if yaint got it yaint gon get it

But the only way to know whether or not you have "it" is to actually train your ass off and see.

Genetics is used too often as a copout IMO.

I agree poundforpound. People do often use genetics as a copout. The same way they use it as a copout for why they are fat/skinny/whatever.

But on the other hand, people also tend to gravitate towards activities they are naturally good at. I've done sprintning and longer distances and I enjoy and perform better at long distance. One might say I'm genetically predisposed to longer distances. I do more shorter distance runs now but I know I'll never be a really fast person in 50-100m.

Sub 10 secs 100m is not olympic calibre. That is elite olympic calibre. You are talking only the top 10-20 people in the world, only 8 people this year broke 10 secs.

Olympic calibre is 10.21 (A) and 10.28 (B). Like others said, you need the genetic base combined with the training and pharmaceutical assistance to break ten seconds. Only 50 people in history have gone under 10 secs

yeah you do have a point about the sub 10 and i guess anyone really sub 11 is pretty damn fast as i dont know that i could ever get there in my life. it wont stop me from trying every week 2x a week and being pissed every time i like at the clock and see 14.X

the 100 is so hard because every single aspect has to be 100% perfect. the stance on the blocks, the start off the block, getting up to speed right holding your form not missing a single step i mean if you do anything even 99.9% you will lose. we are generally dealing with thenths and hundredths of seconds...zero margin for any error. a 200 or 400 you have a lot more room to work with hell even my 200 is only a second over my 100x2 time. which pretty much means im ok fast but have no acceleration

You can develop speed by not running. You can lift weights, ie deadlifts, squats, olympic cleans. Do 85-90% max lifts 3x 3reps. Also do plyos, depth jumps especially after your squats. You'll develop power which is most important component of sprinting

Those are exercises that would help, but if your intention was to build your sprinting speed up, you would be pretty dumb if you didnt dedicate most of your training to actually sprinting

well of course you need to actually sprint to keep up the body and brain mechanics but the strongest and more explosive your legs are the faster you will be

Try this circuit:

Warm up

Bench press 3 reps 85% max

squat or deadlift 3 reps 85% max

rest 1 minute

Do 5 jumps, double knee tucks or standing long jumps

ab work - 10 crunches

rest 3 minutes and repeat

do circuit 2 or 3 times

Stretch legs after workout

I will never run a sub 10 second 100. I know because I spent my youth trying and it never panned out.

the 200 and 400 you can shave some time off of. in a matter of a month or so i got my 200 from 33ish to 29ish. my 100 avg however hasnt really changed much at all in that time

right. the 200 and 400 both favor speed as well as endurance where the 100 is just flat out speed

Cough Bailey in the 150 cough

The definition of endurance in a 200m sense is different from 800m endurance, the record is an average of 2 sub 10 sec 100m.

Not so in the 800m

which makes me wonder why Johnson never ran the 100m. By his 200m times he should have been able to medal in all 3 events. Maybe he just didnt accelerate fast? I think his 400 time was like 43.13 which comes out to running 4 consecutive 100m sprints at 10.78 and his 200m which i believe was 19.8 comes out to 2 straight 9.9 100m's.

Why didnt he run the 100m?

Donovan Bailey lit him up like an Xmas tree in the 150 I doubt he would have medaled in the 100