Olympic Hopefuls (Training)

How is your training coming along? Are you where you want to be leading into the trials?

Well I will tell you that the the venue will be ready. I am on the
committee for the trials and we have lots of great plans. I specifically
requested things that you don't usually get from any of the trials I have
ever participated in. All of teh athletes will leave there feeling special
about thier participation, not just those that win.


"I am on the committee for the trials and we have lots of great plans."

Any that you want to let us know about now?

Not yet. The others are still confirming the feasability of these


Ok, Thanks for the info.
Looking forward to and exciting trials.

Is the venue condusive for taking pictures/video taping?

It will be very well put together - that I will put in on for now. I want
only the fans to like what they see - I forsee a venue and experience
that the athletes will love and remember for the rest of their lives in
Judo. A little dramtic in areas but if it comes off it will be
rememberable by all.


Good Deal...

"famliman" you should change the name of this thread to "olympic venue att dave" just joking dave.lol.


JT, why joking? so far thats what its about..

and, its honestly our own faults. none of the guys here who have a shot, ar are shoe-ins, for the trials have answered Fam's question.

here's what i know..
everybody is more or less really geeked up for it. the OTC is going full bore, but a lot fo people have been in europe for tournaments and camps.

we all heard about the success Jimmy had in Europe, so there's no secret as to what he's been doing at all. the guys/gals from JMJC were in europe as well already and i think they are all mainly back now.

Olsen was over there for a number of weeks for training before he fought. most of their guys either already went to europe and did their camps or are about to go in a few weeks. Rhadi is, far im aware, still at the OTC making sure he knee is good to go for the Ny Open this weekend.

the guys from San-Shi went to japan (we all heard about that already).

Aaron Cohen was in Montreal and now he's in Boston with Pedro-- he is going to Europe soon.

Jefferson, Okano and Barnes all just got back from Europe and are training here now.

seems like the NY Open is gonna be a very well attended event. British Open in mid-april might also attack a decent number of Americans as well seeing how its just about the last chance for an international event before the trials and olympics.

i hope that helps somewhat..


As usual you're on it. I appreciate the insight.
Train Hard.....Do Well!....