Olympic Lifting Seminar-Jan 16, Corona Calif



UTC CrossFit will be hosting an Olympic Lifting Clinic with Sean Waxman on January 16,2010. If you want to improve your Oly lifts and learn from an expert,this is one you can not miss. It will be open to the public and mandatory for all Utc CrossFit athletes. It will be a 5-6 hour clinic for $100. this is a steal! PRE REGISTER NOW AND SAVE YOUR SPOT FOR WE WILL BE CAPPING OFF THE CLINIC AT A LIMITED NUMBER. Below is more info (tell a friend):

About Sean Waxman:

Sean Waxman did his undergraduate work in Physical Education at Cortland State and his graduate work in Exercise Science with a concentration in biomechanics at Long Beach State. For the past fifteen years Sean has developed hundreds of athletes from all sports and levels, primarily, school aged and Olympic athletes. Sean is a former U.S.A National Team Member and national medal winner with U.S.A Weightlifting. He is also a National coach and special advisor with the Nicaraguan National Weightlifting Federation.Sean is the owner of Pure Strength Incorporated; a consulting and sports performance equipment company that helps coaches, athletes, and athletic organizations reach their performance goals. By identifying and solving their most critical and challenging problems, Pure Strength helps clients eliminate barriers to success. He is a contributing writer and technical advisor to “Muscle and Fitness” and had his own monthly column titled “Power and Strength.” He also writes and is a technical advisor for “Muscle and Fitness Hers”, and “MuscleMag International” magazines. His popular monthly seminar series that focuses on different aspects of athletic development have become the “must attend” events for anyone serious about learning how to correctly and effectively coach athletes. Sean’s training methodologies and ability to make complex movement skills seem simple make him one of the most sought after “coach of coaches” and lecturers in the country.

Olympic Lifting Seminar:

The Olympic lifts are the most effective tools for developing power and strength, period! Unfortunately, most people perform and teach these exercises incorrectly, rendering the lifts ineffective and dangerous. Now is your chance to learn the Olympic lifts from some of the top Weightlifting coaches in the country.

What you will learn:

 Mobility Exercises : This is the first step needed to become an effective Olympic lifting technician. Many errors in the Olympic lifts are caused by the body’s inability to hit proper positions. You will learn the exercises needed to prepare your body for these positions.

Torso Preparation: Understanding how to prepare the torso for optimal strength and power output is a key element for success with the Olympic lifts. Lean how you can instantly improve your lifting performance through a combination of proper breathing and torso muscle activation.

 The Eight Preparatory Exercises: These exercises are the foundation for learning the Olympic lifts. They teach your body the positions needed in order to perform the Olympic lifts effectively and safely

 Pure Strength Olympic Lifting Progression: This is a five-step progression that will have you performing the Olympic like a pro.