Olympic Sailing.....

...is so peaceful....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

no shit!!! I am dying waiting for the Judo to start.

I'm hoping by 12:15 this crap will be over.

Possibly the most pathetic commentating I've ever seen. Its like Jack Handy's deep thoughts, except not funny.

I want the women's wrestling!

Holy Christ, its a full half-hour....good lord.


same here guys....waiting for the judo

it's already 1230 and still no judo...

Yes! Its over! Now to action.

still no judo but the softball pitcher is pretty hot...

Sailing shouldn't even be in the Olympics.


Tani fought with a leg injury-ligament damage to her pivot foot. She wasnt even meant to be fighting. And pity she's married:(

I would really like to watch some judo. Canadian tv doesn't seem to show it.

Its a pity they only showed the finals....even a highlight clip from early in the day would have been great. Bastards.

Well, I'm curious how Min Ho Choi ended up 3rd and Craig Fallon is nowhere near the podium. Apparently he was robbed his match with the Greek.

i agree, it was like 6 min of judo and 45 min of sailing, thats bs.