Olympic Trials

Olympic Trials to take place June 5th at San Jose Event Center

The following is a press release relative to a press conference that occurred today in San Jose, California announcing the date and location of the 2004 Olympic Trials for Judo. The top five nationally ranked athletes at the close of the National Championships on May 1, 2004, will be invited to the trials. The exact trials format can be found at www.usjudo.org on the 2004olympics page. Information to elite athletes regarding possible funding to the trials, lodging options, etc., will be forthcoming.


the truth on the trials...

our team had NOTHING to do with this olympic trials. NOBODY on our team made a bid for it. fact, we first heard about it AT THE US OPEN.. even Mr. Uchida, who you'd think would know because in all honesty very little ever happens wihtout his knowing, was in shock over the whole thing.. happily albeit, but still not even he knew about it beforehand.

whatever city it was in Ohio bailed out on the USOC over some technacality or date changing or something.. the honest truth is that Brian Olsen took a poll of our guys a few months ago and every one of us gave our full support to having the trials in Ohio.. go ahead and ask him your damn self. there was evena vote on it at the athletes meeting. the vote, if i remember correctly was a tie, or pretty damn close to it.

now, if you want to continue being a bitch about it we can talk turkey..

how many times was the trials held at the OTC..? if ever in the world there is a home-field advantage it is there.. over a mile-high in altitude with a compete weather and climate change no matter where you are coming from.

oh.. the "north eastern camp" wants to cry over it being in SJ now.. well, too fuckin bad. develop a reputation for hosting great events like SJ has and then you can have the next one. perhaps get a city that supports judo in your area to exist and then it might happen.

the city of san jose and the entire bay area has a long tradtition of running some great events in judo here. we've hosted as many or more senior nationals, junior nationals, highschool and college nationals than just about any city in the US..

the SJ sports authority, which has nothing to do with our team, made the bid for the trials once the USOC pulled the bid from Ohio, not before! the USOC likes this organization a lot becuase they are the same people who hosted the titan games (and assisted us with several of the national events we have done as well) which, for those of you who dont know, was a pretty damn cool event.

so, go ahead and believe whatever lies you want. it doesnt matter. the trials are coming here one way or antoher becuse, in the end, thats what the USOC wanted.. im sorry you boys in the north east dont like it, and im sure the guys in CO dont like it, but they know they cant complain becuase they had home-field for years with the trials and us open.

CA is the biggest judo state in the US and thats all there is to it. go cry yourself a damn river over how unfair the USOC is and get some millionaire foundations on your side.. then maybe somebody will give you a branch to hang on.


Josh is correct - I sit on the executive committee and I didn't here
about San Jose until that meeting. To Todd and I we were headed
to Ohio or something and they pulled out that morning of our
meeting and then we heard that the other choices were San Jose
and some place in Texas.

Now lets talk brass tax - we don't need to have total area specific
trials - what we need is the ability for the athletes to get the most
people in the stadium and news coverage as possible. In case no
one has noticed there has never been a huge number of fans in
the stands at any of our events as they do in Europe. Northern
California can do this and will. Ohio can not and Texas wasn't to
huge either. We need to be able to start showing USOC that we can
bring in money to the table.

A west coast trials is cool for two reasons - time, No one is behind
schedule on body clocks, and no altitude - everyone is equal. Can
anyone tell me that a trials or a USOPEN at the OTC is totally fair
to anyone outside of that region?

Lastly the trials is the top 5 "C" level and above - no "C" no trials.


A west coast trials is way overdue. For years, I watched as OTC players reaped the benefits of altitude training, etc etc. The trials needs to be in Northern California because this is one important area where the future of USA Judo is being formed. Northern and even Southern California have some of the most promising junior players in the country numbers and talent wise (no disrespect intended to Florida and Hawaii), IMHO. The up-and-coming junior players need to have access to this level of play. San Jose event centers are outstanding.

Congratulations San Jose!!!!

finally a positive voice and not just because he is speaking
because - the kids out and about need to see these types of
events - so that they have something to look forward to
something else in the future.


"North Easterner" here and I got no probs with the trials being in Cali.....better weather...and more hot chicks =)


great post - and that is true - after a trials itis great to have some
cool things to let off some steam. Let me help a bit - no one take
offense at anything - Jason is becoming a great coach and getting
surrounded by some good people and some great kids. Terri
brings all kinds of pluses to the program there as well. I have
often spoke to her about the program. SJSU is also a great place
with a great bunch of guys and girls that have a history of great

So don't think badly of anyones program judge them for their
worth and go forward with that.


yea yuko.. what you said, i reacted badly too.. oh no, the world is ending. you tore apart the efforts of the guys on a team im proud to be a member of just becuase they didnt do well at the worlds. what the hell gives you that right?

you are 15. that means you are smart enough to know that in judo, nothing works the way everybody wants them to and you should be smart enough to figure out that our 2 guys who made it to the worlds couldn't "lead" the entire team.

if you want to say they were led to that finish then blame the organization that is ultimately responsible for it-- usa judo. not the volunteer coaches and certainly not the amateur athletes who are going broke to do their best.

you wouldnt like it if i came up with a sarcastic tone about you having a bad performance at an event that really meant a lot to you, would ya? nope. and neither would those who you did the same to.

yer 15. act it.


resnick is 100% correct.

15 shmifteen. i was working full time, going to school at 15. I was hollered at by others when i was wrong. That's the problem these days. Nobody wants to lay it out and tell a smart ass to stfu. 15 or not, you know the deal. Step up like a man, get treated like one.

Everybody calm down. There is no advantage or disadvantage for anybody. Train, pray and play. That's it. PERIOD.

TY rhadi.


i thought the title of this thing was 'Olympic Trials'. how do you people always find some petty shit to argue about. JESUUUUUUUS! in any event. i too train at SJSU. i just recently moved from chicago and i love it. let me tell you, i've really noticed that judo is much more 'popular' there. somehow i feel there is much support from the city, not just for judo, but for sports in general. now, im not saying this is why the trials are or should be in San Jose. but i was just throwing that in there. San Jose is a good judo city. that's all. judoplaya, i dont see how the california athletes have more advantage, except that other people have to travel further. so you know i'll be there cheering for my teammates. GO SJSU!

Yeah, I actually disagree that San Jose players don't have the opportunity to take advantage of a very important advantage. If I were coaching a player in this event and I lived in San Jose, I would have my player spend a considerable amount of time in, at, and around the venue for visualization and mental rehearsal training. I think any high level player that doesn't take advantage of this aspect of training is automatically placing themselves at a disadvantage. Unfortunately, many don't. I have used and watched other coaches use or have their players taught vizualization exercises to great success. In a weight class as closely contested as 73k, little aspects of the game like this can prove invaluable. All just my humble opine of course...............woof

Hey guys,

I'm going to delete all the BS posts on this thread. It's amazing how an innocuous informative and positive post can be turned into a pissing contest.

Ben R.

humble apologies for mt part in it...

Josh, you keep letting these guys troll you. You are pretty easy pickings, especially for anybody who knows anything about you.

From the first negative comment that updog/usaclown and TruthWizard made about you, they have been baiting you.

You are a good counter fighter, don't get suckered so much.

Ben Reinhardt

Josh please dont tell me you dont think you have an advantage of the trials being in San Jose cause you know damn well you do. Also stop feeding us bullshit like "oh we didnt know its going to be there" you know damn well everyone knew where the trials were going to be. If we had any sort of organization that knew what they were doing and that includes you Dave cause you are the athletes rep and you didnt do a damn thing for the athletes,then they would of never let it happen there. You can honestly tell me that it is fair that you get to sleep in your own bed the night before the Olympic Trials? C'mon give me a break. Seems like somthing is a little fishy going on in US Judo but then again that is how its always been.

I wonder exactly what WAS the selection process for the site of the trials? I don't know that it was bid on, but then I've missed the last couple of JI national meetings.

Dave, how was the selection made?

Ben R.


I will say this once and once more only - You have known me
since before I was on the world team and you guys were training
with us (great time BTW) and in that time have I ever lied or told an
untruth? The answer is no - I have only and always represented
the athletes of USA JUDO even as an athlete with no agenda of my
own though others may - I would coach folks whether I knew
them or not when we were in international competitions. I have
never used petty reasons to sto from supporting a US athlete -
though there are some who would like to believe otherwise for
their own ends.

I will say again that I nor Todd, the other athlete rep at the time
knew anything about Cleveland not being the site until we stepped
into that meeting. As a matter of fact no one in the meeting knew
until we were informed what had occured earlier that morning. It
is not mine nor any member of USA JUDO's fault that the trials got
cancelled in Cleveland - that is on them. You may wish to ask
them yourself if you believe I lie.

My honor was once questioned by someone in your family
concerning you and match that I would be officiating - you know
the result and you know that it was called fairly as are all matches
that I referee. I said then that I would not lie and I say it again with
you in full knowledge of that event and the fact that I will always
represent the best interest of the athletes - the correct athlete will
win. So do you question me and my honor again?

There is no problem with San Jose as the site - it is a great city
and the sports authority are very supportive of bringing many
types of athletic events - these folks are really greatful for the
trials - i was at the press conference and saw the number of big
wigs there and will tell you that there were a total of 5 judo people
in the room including me and two judo kids. So if SJSU was behind
it wouldn't there be more?


Dave there is nothing wrong with SJSU but there is a problem when most of the athletes get to stay in their OWN bed the night before the Olympic trials and feel comfrotable where they live and train everyday of their lives. Now as an athletes rep dont you think you should stand up and stay something so it is fair and everyone feels the same. We all knew it was a big deal when we were talking about having the trails in NY cause everyone from the west coast had to travel 3+ hours to get there and the time change but that is not a factor when it is on the west coast right? In all honesty I really dont care where the trials are cause if your the best you are going to win either way. I was just wondering why not make it fair to everyone?