Olympus Has Fallen

Rewatching Olympus Has Fallen again after watching London Has Fallen. What sort of governmental changes, laws, etc do you think would change if a terrorist attack of this magnitude occurred?

Much was done and changed after 9/11 (Patriot Act for example) if someone was to actually take the White House, hold the president hostage, etc, how do you think America would change? Legal NSA profiles and surveillance on all citizens? A 1984 type of America?

Thoughts? Phone Post 3.0

Rex 84 was asked about during Congressional hearings at one point.

They tried to silence the Rep asking about it at the time.

Its in war time when our rights are "suspended".

Weve been in a constant "state of war" since 2001.

This "war of terror" has been the greatest invention for the Military Industrial Complex of all time.


I think Zeus would be really pissed if terrorists strike Olympus.