Omaha, NE fights on Thursday

MMA fights will be on Omaha's Cox cable channel 23, Thursday, 2/12/04, at 7:00pm. From what I was told Victory Fighting Championship 2 will be aired.


keep this to the top for the Omaha people, please.



ttt for v-jay and john and aaron.

Damn,someone desparately needs to tape that for me

This is all the work of the Fighting Jerome. He has been working his ass off, learning how to record, mix, and ultimatly produce video for television. I missed the last one, definatly will have to catch tonights - VJ

mamight i suggest a blooper segment. danny will love it.

Is 7 the only time? How long will it be?




TTT for Fighting Jerome. See you guys tomorrow night. I got plenty of beers.....of course I can't drink any of the with ya.....

(*sips on disgusting protein shake in preparation for fight*)

Hey John whats up just wanted to say hi and keep on training see ya march 6!

*puts more protien in johns drink*


Is this the one Alanzo fights in?

Pours bacardi 151 in John's drink!

Victory Fighting Championships: Bragging Rights

1 Jason Purcell vs Brett Feeley

2 Spencer Fisher vs Ryan Heckert

3 Allen Williams vs Sean Wilson

4 James Stephens vs Chad Keeser

5 Jake Hutson vs Dave Page

6 Dan Anderson vs Charlie Dearborn

7 Ryan Jensen vs Josh Stamp

8 Jason Medina vs Don Hamilton

9 Justin James vs John Owens

btw.I was kidding about taping it.I was a judge at that event and saw it all ringside

btw,who is Lil Hulk?

Hey- what's happening Luke?(Clayton, Lil' Hulk is Luke Caudillo) Yeah, training is going good! How about you?