O'Malley is better than I thought

I expected Yan to crush him, but it was competitive. That being said, Sean clearly lost that fight and him being ranked #1 is comical


Agreed. Chito should be one.

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lol @ him being the #1 contender.

He’s uglier than I remembered…

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I see him just losing if he keeps fighting top 5 contenders

Agree with the decision or not, he proved he’s on the level.


i too was surprised he was able to hang with the former champ
i thought he was a can crusher

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Yan was significant smaller

He didn’t win that fight.

But he held his own for sure. He belongs among the top in the division.

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Great. He hand picked opponents for 5 solid years. No going backwards now

I feel like NOBODY watched Sean’s Quintet grappling matches

He SUBMITTED takonori Gomi !

And he went the distance with Gilbert Melendez!

I thought O’Malley was overrated but I knew he had good grappling skills IF he had to fall back on them.

But he still lost to Yan

I saw it. He’s adept on the ground for sure.

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