O'Malley & Paddy the Fattie: the UFC's 2 next biggest stars are 2 highly flawed strikers. I break it all down. Come & learn

  • O’Malley fights too much on his back and front toes (hence hes off balance a lot - tips over front knee a lot). Power comes from the ground up, so being on your back and front toes means no power or stability/rhythm. It keeps O’Malley tall (try squatting on your toes and keeping your balance) Hes gonna get smoked by someone who stays low(works the body) and comes up on him.

  • Paddy def has cleaner better technique, but he also doesnt know how to push his weight properly when throwing rearhands. Paddy does not know how to bring his feet with him with his 2s, nor how to properly recover his weight off his front foot off throwing 2s. It gets him stuck in a lot of bad positions without his feet

  • And Paddy’s 2nd biggest issue is that he doesnt know how to get into hook position using rhythm/leans/fients/his feet. He throws his 2s exclusively to set up his hook

1 of his UFC opponents caught on right away, timed him off his rearhand (pulling & hooking over the 2) and absolutely smoked Paddy before Paddy could get his feet down to hook off his 2 (thats how Paddy was dropped)

In conclusion:
BOTH badly need to work on their boxing by learning real boxing. Both have huge flaws in their striking which will be exploited by the elite boxers in MMA.

But if you ask me who has more potential to clean up those holes and become a genuinly great striker its Paddy. Paddy is still way cleaner and far more naturally gifted. O’Malley’s karate stance will hold him back

But even though Paddy throws cleaner he needs to ditch his trainer and start to learn real boxing. Another bad habbit that can develop for Paddy down the line is how much his current coach has Paddy opening up his shoulders and throwing combinations wide. Paddy is not tight and doesnt punch tight. It will get him smoked by a catch and shoot counter puncher or someones who gonna punch with him - stright inside his shoulders/inside his wide combinations

On that note, this is what truly seperated Conor from the rest, the fact that Conor had a real boxing background. His boxing background put him above everyone else at the time. The more karate bullshit that Conor adopted the worse Conor got (Nate 1, Poirier 3 etc)

Wrestling aint the most valauble asset in MMA, boxing is


O’Malley & Paddy may be the next 2 biggest stars, but they arent the most skilled prospects

No one knows fighting like me, and Im telling you all right now, the one whos truly the most talented, the most developed, and the most skilled is Ilia Topuria

Topuria has amazing legitimate boxing skill

Topuria would smoke Paddy like no ones buisness

Sport Mma GIF by UFC


Also, another problem with O’Malley is that he does nothing with his faints

Hes another Israel Adesanya.

The way Cody Garbrandt leans with faints (taking his hesd outside any follow up) and just shoots with faints he was tailor me to destroy O’Malley

O’Malley dodged a huge bullet there. Garbrandt wouldve wrecked O’Malley

If Peter Yan wants to school O’Malley he needs to have 0 respect for the faint and just shoot with O’Molly’s faints

The real issue is that MMA has bum level coaches. O’Malley’s coaches and Paddy’s coaches are just bums who know nothing about striking.

O’Malley will probably read this and learn from me. Heres the 1 freebie i will give him. Against Peter Yan, establish threats early to get respect (respect is always earned) and establish threats off the faint, to open him up with faints, and ditch the karate stance. You will need your feet on the ground to punch with emph to keep Yan off you, and youre going to be much safer inside than at the end of Yan’s punches/counters. Do not backpeddal and let Yan follow through with impunity!

What i would like to see is for O’Malley to fill out his frame and fight at LW

Kicking is very dangerous against a short compact boxer like Yan whos going to step into kicks with punches

Remember it takes more time for the kicking leg to come back around back into stance, than it takes for them to step in with a punch

So you are out of position for an extended period after kicking, hence why the most devestating KOs you see are from punchers stepping into kicks with punches before the kicker can regain stance off the kick (think Kung Lee vs Franklin)

O’Malley’s kicks are going to cost him dearly vs Peter Yan

Like I said in the OP, if O’Malley wants to stand any chance in this fight he needs to work real boxing, change his stance, establish threats to faint off of, and punch from the ground to keep Yan off him

Its hilarious when you really think about it, all these UFC fighter “analysts” dont know shit about fighting.

They are all saying how O’Malley needs to stay on his back foot and use kicks to keep Yan away🤣THAT WOULD BE THE WORST POSSIBLE WAY TO FIGHT YAN. Yan has fantastic step in, off beat 1-2s from off his backfoot which catches many people foghters sleeping on his range, vs fighters who evade & constantly backpeddal (or when hes simply stepping into kicks with punches). O’Malley is gonna get absolutely prison raped if he fights the way everyone is telling him to fight lmao. 99.9% of people in MMA and the UFC dont know shit about fighting/striking

DC is 1 of the biggest cock munching frauds there is who knows nothing about striking

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Hey @Nick_Diaz_Army you dont have much to worry about. If O’Malley doesnt change how he fights, Peter Yan is tailormade to wreck him. Read all my breakdowns in this thread, learn, and enjoy

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No wonder this dude trains Canelo, wow


Its really sad whats happening in todays MMA

Back when Conor came up, all the talented prospects back than were born and bred strikers/boxers (Max, Poirier, Conor, Aldo etc)

Yet today, MMA’s next biggest stars are all wrestlers who cant strike for shit (Islam), or highly touted prospects who are tremendously flawed strikers

This is why MMA has lost my interest. Today all the future stars are flawed strikers or wrestlers who couldnt outbox a speed bag

Come on Dana, please sign more highly touted legitimate boxers/strikers like Ilia Topuria

The only propsect who excites me today is Khamzat, and even than Khanzat was a huge disappointment in his last fight, by shooting in for a takedown 3 seconds into the fight like a major pussy. Khamzat is terrified of striking engagements. I will no longer support Khamzat

What your take on Dillashaw. And how would a match between him and Yan go?

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I really need to rewatch TJ vs Sandhagen, 1 of the best fights Ive ever seen.

TJ vs Yan is an absolute dream strikers match up.

Unless O’Malley becomes Canelo or Mayweather over night, Yan should wreck O’Malley.

Yan is just too tight, and always in position. His positioning is boxing level great.

Yan is a lot more tricky and deceptive than people realise because of just how solid his footwork is

For example, a normal step in 1-2 is a step with the front foot forward with the jab, the back foot sliding forward following along (your pushing off your back foot to shoot a 2) than the front foot taking its final step forward with the 2 (now pushing weight onto the front foot with the 2)

Thats 3 steps on a nornal 3 beat rhythm

What Yan does is, Yan jabs off the back foot (back foot in 1st - very similair to how a prime boxing Nate would decieve range with his back foot in, allowing hidden bigger longer steps in with the front foot, because the back foot lever point which you push off off, was moved up closer=can take a bigger step in, in a hidden manner - I know you will enjoy that little nugget about Nate @Nick_Diaz_Army ) So anyway, because Yan keeps his weight down on the back foot with his jab, he can pivot his 2s way faster off the back foot with only 2 steps. It means that Yan only needs 2 steps, to step in with a 1-2, instead of the normal 3. Its very offbeat and catches so many fighters sleeping when they arent ready.

That is what I fully expect to murder O’Malley. Because O’Malley stands tall side on behind his karate stance and only knows how to defend by backpeddaling. Meaning Yan is either gonna catch O’Malley sleeping with his offbeat 1-2s off the backfoot stepping in, or be able to step in quicker than O’Malley can backpeddal backwards.

Its really the hallmark of Yan’s game. His solid positioning, working behind his jab, his offbeat step in 1-2s off the backfoot jab, and his tightness and punching tight. Yan has great genuine boxing skill and is a nightmare for everyone in or around his weight

Now its for that reason why TJ vs Yan would be an absolute dream strikers superfight

TJ himself has solid positioning, solid tightness, and punches tight

If you want actual specifics of that match up, I would have to rewatch TJ’s more recent fights and watch the fights of Yans that I havent seen yet to see the things Yan does vs fighters who have similair styles to TJ etc

But with how tight and beautifully positioned both are, I would expect both to maintain their range (boxing), be trading jabs, and be catching and shooting off each others punches/combinations in probably the most beautiful and high level display of boxing/striking ever seen in MMA

Yan vs TJ is the real dream fight.

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Lets go!