omaplata in mma- who's won with it?

I've seen it applied numerous times in mma fights, but I don't think I've
ever seen someone finish a fight with it. I'm sure somebody has, but I just
thought it was funny you don't see fights get finished with it at really high
level MMA. Hell, I've seen more submissions due to gogoplata than by

Brad Imes

Brad Imes finished with a gogoplata (twice).

Gil Castillo won by omoplata.

Win Raymond Mansfield Submission (Omo Plata) IFC WC 10 - Warriors Challenge 10 10/11/2000 1 N/A

If it's the one I'm thinking of it was actually a pretty sweet rolling one as a counter to a single leg.

He won by gogoplata.

Wait, I think I have that fight on tape. You're right. That omaplata was tight.

 Royce Gracie

Omoplata is good for a sweep, taking the back or a transition to a actual submission. But as a submission hold, it sucks.

 yeah, i agree with NorthFromHere. Its good for setups

Yo Brian!

Havnt watched any of the tuf shows, how have you done so far? Thru episode 3?

So, aside from Ray Mansfield vs. Gil Castillo are there any other fights that have ended with an omo plata?

Casillo fight is the only one I am aware of

Horwich almost won with this one
horwichomoplata gif

^^^OUCH!! look at all the tork on that arm

That hurts to watch.

gil castillo's rolling omaplata off the whizzer is faking awesome.

It looked like Horwich could have really flattened out right there & torn up his (is that mcgivern's?) shoulder but instead kinda went down gradually to save the guy a shoulder injury at the end of the fight.

Brad Gumm beat Antoine Skinner with one 3-4 years ago.

 That is one awesome gif. I agree with Franky that it looks like Horwich could have taken the dude's shoulder home with him if he wanted. I didn't see the fight though -- did the bell ring before he got the tap? I'd guess he knew he won a decision from the way he reacts, and didn't want to risk hurting the guy unnecessarily.

Nice article on the gogo here:

The kagato-jime, a technique that was once present in — but clearly never particularly central to — the traditional judo ne waza syllabus has reentered the mainstream of grappling in a fascinatingly roundabout way: a Brazilian rediscovery of the technique, further developed by an American, whose system finds perhaps its fullest realization in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu stylings of a Japanese judoka.


Omaplata = Good arm control and arm bar setup in MMA, imo.

Most over rated submission in MMA.

Northfromhere is correct.