OMFG, new dude at work speaks with upspeak & vocal fry

Jesus fucking christ, I want to murder this dude and I only just met him. Company hired a consultant a while back and he just had a meeting that I got pulled into. Never heard this dude speak before but every sentence sounds like a fucking question as the inflection goes up at the end or he “Fries” at the end like he’s running out of breath.

Fucking shit, I’ve heard chicks do this but never heard a dude do it. I thought it was rage inducing when a chick did it but holy fuck I want to straight up murder this dude and this meeting is set for another 25 minutes. FUCK MY LIFE!!!


This is when you ask him “is that a question?” after every statement until he stops talking like a faggot.


Well you better get used to it, because you’re going to have another meeting with him and HR for assuming his gender like that


Im Ron Burgundy?


He probably hates your accent just as much.


Now that we’re having customers coming back to do visits, some of them have serious cases of upspeak and vocal fry.

All of them are dudes in their 20s/early 30s. I have a hard time taking them seriously because it sounds like you are talking to some moron on a reality show.

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I’m from Boston. I could fuck up that guys “accent” so fucking bad man. When people hear me speak they cringe. I could have done any of the accents in good will hunting much better.

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I have not heard, looking forward to.

I get glimpse of.some of these millennial fuckers from time to time. They do seem completely aimless.

With some of them, it’s like you can’t tell if they are asking a question, or are at a loss for words and wanting someone to start filling in the blanks for them.

Odd think is, I hear it more coming from men than women of the same age.

I’ve never, up till today, heard a dude do it. Heard a handful of woman in real life speak like that over the years, but never a dude.

Fucking mind bottled.

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Worked with a dude like that down in Hicksville.

We called him The Gay Blade.


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A guy I work with, great dude, speaks with intense vocal fry. It sounds like an introvert that lacks confidence in speaking with others. I’d like to overhear a conversation he has with a close friend or loved one to see if it is anxiety or just his speech pattern.

It’s tough to get through and you want to help him along but I don’t because it may unfortunately just be him and his speech style. :face_vomiting:

Ramon, aka Bunny Wigglesworth?

my sister uses both. it’s so fucking annoying. she’ll stop temporarily when i do this.

op, is the offender gay? be careful if so. you’ll be labeled hitler if you pick on him.

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