Closing Comment:

If you ignore the fact that Fight Club ties into the movie (and novel) that bears its namesake, and consider it purely on its merits as a game, what you're left with is an undercooked fighting game that's far worse than fighting games from more than 10 years ago, and not much better looking. And when you also consider the game's botched attempts at including some tie-ins with the movie, the results look even worse.

Rating: 3.7 (bad)

Ouch, I think I got a black eye just from reading the review.

oh shit, i thought this was about the "halo 2" level called "fight club"

PSMagazine said you've got three types of fighters:

martial artist (kicky), brawlers (punchy), and wrestlers (wrestly)

I think reviewers love it when they get a really bad game, because they can get funny in the reviews.

They also said it sucked ass. I'm going to try the demo anyway just for giggles.