OMG, he's spreading the HIV

Is what the ref is thinking as Tommy coughs all over the place...

any promoter that would put him on a card after this, should be ran out of the sport, imo.

btw, i forgot..
bwahahahahhahaa at the ref's face. he is in FEAR!

small arms.


Tommy Morrison knocked out John Stover in the first round with a straight right that broke Stover's nose. 

he's got HIV arms. def.


HIV is not funny guys....

damn he looks like he is about 60 years old...

waterbottle, neither is promoters allowing it in mma.

Just makes one wander how many more fighters the commissions and promoters around the U.S sneak into fights nowing there fighters are positive for the virus...Any body I grapple with ever grapples with me without telling me and I find out later just signed his exspiration date alittle early.

He does look rough.

The ref is ready to clock tommy as soon as he coughs on him...And look how he has his arm...He barly rasing his arm

Looks like he has a scar in his right biceps in that photo - did he tear it or something?

weird build. Large torso but his arms shrank down.

He looks like in that picture a person who has the AIDS

He looks terrible. How old is he? I can't believe they let him fight. WTF?!?!

I seriously can't believe that anyone actually thinks he's clean.

The only thing we are going on, is the fact the HE and his managers say he is clean and that he hasn't been on the cocktail since he got out of prison......

Shit he won't even NAME the doctors that gave him his "clean bill of health". Everytime he has been asked that question his manager coughs in and says "we can't answer that for legal reasons"

If the guy was really clean, there would be VIDEO of the guy being DNA tested, and coming up clean.....

Instead he takes a fight.....guess where.....on an Indian Reservation where no medical testing of any kind is done.

Come on people...use some common sense.

If Tommy was clean, he'd be boxing, making big $$$ in a weak heavyweight division.

That guy who fought him has balls of steel to risk getting HIV like that, imo...

The guy who him has a head full of rocks IMHO. WTF?!?!

I think those really are pec implants!

He's got a couple pieces of string hanging from his shoulders...oh wait...