Omg I'm high as a Georgia pine

I been drinking this poppy tea and I've been completely destroyed for 42 hours. Time to drink some more...R.I.P. Phone Post 3.0

Explain with dik pics Phone Post 3.0

Poppy tea? Fark. that must sit heavily haha. Enjoy the ride

Sub for poppy tea Phone Post 3.0

In.....just to drown out the FWB.......dear fucking god

Phone Post 3.0

All the leaves are brown... Phone Post 3.0

Where does one aquire such a tea? Phone Post

I'm amazed that people even want to dabble in opiates. Such a destructive drug Phone Post 3.0

Op be buyin balloons in a week.

How many pods are you using at a time? Careful dude. Strength can vary a lot from pod to pod. Don't kill yourself. You are playing a dangerous game. Do not recommend. Phone Post 3.0

Plastic spoons plastic knives
Plastic titties on yo wife

Smoke that green end all strife
Smoke that Brown end yo life.

Goodnight sweet prince Phone Post 3.0

Poppy is relatively easy to grow.

The OG won't believe me, but go to your grocery store and buy a thing of McCormicks Poppy Seeds. They germinate in vermiculite pretty easily. I've heard.

BE CAREFUL! Phone Post 3.0

My wife is from Slovakia. Every year, on the first day of school, they give kids a special breakfast stew made with poppy pods.

Not sure if it's legal, bt those things are growing everywhere there. I think they might've gotten an exemption from the EU because of the poppy seed trade.

True story. I want to try it, but the missus won't ask my mother in law to make it for me because it'll give away that I'm a bit of a fiend.


So, did he died?

So, did he died?