OMG...Rib Cage = PAIN!

So I've started my next piece....A huge piece on my right side...It basically
goes from under my armpit to 1/2 way down my hip and fills up my rib
cage and wraps to some of my back and to my stomach. I could only sit
for 3 and a half hours to get most of the outline done. We're looking at
20-30 hours and I'm scared, LOL...We're gonna go back and finish the
outline on my hip and try to do some shading.

Any advice how to
deal w/ the pain...I hate being a puss, but it's tough sniff, sniff maybe I
just need someone to hold my hand. :)

Common man! You let people hit, kick, and put you in positions all the time that aren't exactly comfortable.

Suck it up ya pussy! ;-)

Seriously though, what is the design you're getting?

Dude, this sucks! when it hits certain spots, I can feel my whole ribcage
vibrate...very weird. The design is a geisha girl w/ an octopus wrapping
around her and sorta pulling her underwater...It's kinda different, because
you usually see geisha's emotionless and serene in tattoos. In mine she's
struggling w/ the octopus and her hair is sorta messed up, and she has
tears running down her cheek. In one hand she's holding a fan, and in
the other a Peony flower. It's awesome (so far)...I'll definitly post pics
when it gets some progress on it.

Cool! Like to see how it turns out.

But I hear ya about the bodys reactions to tattooing. When I was getting a tat close to my hand, my little finger started twitching. Wasn't painful, but a strange sensation.

BTW, here is my peony. Just cuz Angelo mentioned it.

Pic is from last year, but it's just about to bloom again.

haha...very impressive :) i was scrolling down and expecting to see a that's actually the color we're going to go w/ on my
tat....that'll hurt, to flower is right by my nipple. I've spent the last 2 days
beating myself up because I had to ask Jime to stop...I'm refocused and
ready to get back...I'll show you guys the outline and shading in a few
weeks ( I have a tournament coming up), then the finished project.

I'm getting an octopus in 2 weeks. What colors are you using? Please post pics of yours.

I was thinking of using this color scheme...

Deach....we're not sure on the color for the Octopus...that's the only part
we're stuck on (even though we've got a long way to go)...The geisha girl
will be more tradional, i.e. red, white w/ black hair....I didn't want to go
too dark w/ the octopus to take away from the girl, but I reeeeally dig the
color scheme you posted. If anything I would want to stay a little more on
the orange side instead of red, as in the pic above...I'll post pics as the
piece progresses, I still haven't gotten the outline done! lol

I feel you, dude!

Keep us updated!

That's nice Deach.

Angelo - ow! I haven't gone to that spot yet..but have worked on many a rib cage.

Ibuprophen or something a bit stronger that doesn't have a whole bunch of asprin in long as you're not alergic to anything like that..should be fine.

Just make sure you eat a good sized meal if you do that befor the session. And maybe some tunes with some headphones also. Good luck!

Alpha Female, yeah I remember seeing your outline on here, how did you
do it?!?! Post some pics of the finished project!!

Ill. Man....yeah, I
totally took some Advil as soon as I got home, helped w/ the swelling and
pain right away. I was fine the next day, since all we did was the outline,
but DAMNIT it hurts during! :)

can't wait to see it Angelo!


WOW! the one on your back looks awesome!


Nice tat on your rib cage. I saw your profile and thought for a second you might have been an old buddy of mine from Lowell that now lives in Allen, TX. He is 10 years older than you, just kind of a weird coincidence.

Failed Takedown....yes, I tried to. :)

I second the motrin.

Failed....not sure when my next fight is, going for knee surgery July 13th,
to repair my torn ACL. I don't make excuses and Buddy beat me fair and
square. Unfortunately, I re-injured my knee about a month out and
probably should have dropped out, but pride got the better of me. Come
fight night, they come into the locker room and tell me I"m up in 10
minutes, so I start warming up w/ my Muay Thai coach....we're in the
large shower area warming up and he's having me move around and
punching. I take a step to the side and my heel catches the wall and my
knee buckles and I collapse to the ground. Again, probably should've
dropped out, but instead I slipped on two knee braces and went at it. I
was so disappointed in that night.

To make things worse I teach
middle school, and one of the students' older brother was watching the
fight on InDemand HD, and saw me....needless to say, it was over the
whole school by the next day, then all the Google searches on me in the
middle of could be so cruel :( lol

On a side note, actually the topic of this forum and my post :) , I got the
dark shading done and the rest of the outline done last night....the pain
wasn't as bad, I was focused on getting it done. Now starts the
coloring...With this area, I've only got about 3 hours in me to sit...I figure
at least 3 if not 4 more times. I'm pumped to get it done, but it's just too
damn painful.

Good luck with the ACL!

Pics damn it!!!