OMG...Rib Cage = PAIN!

Deach, I don't have a digital camera...and Jime didn't take a pic of the
shading/outline yet....I'll try to get a midway point pic taken as soon as all
the swelling and redness goes down. Then I'll post the final pic when it
get some color.

Just wrapped up my ACL surgery, so I'm gonna go in soon for finish up
my ribs....I'll post pics asap...sorry for the delay!

still waiting

soon :) hopefully, by the end of this week.

well, my knee surgery has taken a little longer to heal up than I wished
and has limited me getting around, plus Jime took off w/ his wife for a
few days. Hopefully, within the next couple of days I'll get some time
scheduled w/ him.

ugh! got about a third of it colored...not fun. probably about 2 or 3
sessions left. I was gonna post some pics as the coloring progressed, but
I think it'll be cooler just to unleash the final piece when it's all
done.....soon hopefully.

Keep us informed.

how is the knee? did the doc say how long you have a torn acl? i'm sure that i have acl meniscus issues from my gomez days.

great for the tat.

i'm more curious about your shaving ritual. since you're a hairy bastard, how much shaving do you have to do before going in for ink?


StephenL...what's up?!?! I had the torn ACL from early on in my BJJ career,
I knew it was torn (had MRI), just didn't get it fixed until recently.

the shaving is an issue w/ getting ink done, but I am able to manage w/ a
strict routine of regular back waxing appointments. It's not easy being

Going for the next phase soon, bare w/ me guys...I know
this has taken awhile :)

ok please tell how to post pics and I will put my tats on here..plz

powerhockey, you have to have them hosted somewhere...I had to send
them to a mod (Illustrated Man) on here and he posted them for me on
my thread.

Ok here are some of mine..if somebody know how to make the fotos
show here..thx..

cool tats powerhockey

too bad I cannot see them on my computer now..but I know what they