OMG @ this choke!

i think its a baseball choke ... but man finishing the guy when hes on your back has got to be a sick feeling.

eduardo telles showed that on his turtle guard dvd. he called it the "suicide choke". first time i've ever seen it done in a competition.

seems like if he went to north south he could have unraveled it.

i know you can hit the baseball choke from bottom but it sets up an armbar for your opponent. but the armbar isnt there when he goes to his stomach like this. i think you could unravel it though. maybe not

Dion Watts, who is a Black Belt under Jean Jacques Machado is crazy sick with that choke, as shown in the clip below:

He is a guest instructor in our online program and he shows this choke. Even when going light for the camera, I thought I was going to go out when I climbed on his back - it is a scary choke.




bad stuff


Collar chokes are a mysterious and powerful force...

yikes, nice choke

Nice Chokes and some GREAT Sportsmanship at the End of the 2nd one.

can someone please explain the grips and mechanics of this choke?

crazy stuff. i go for the upside down baseball choke like in the first vid
from time to time when my guard is about to be passed. ill have to try
rolling to my stomach to protect the arms.

2nd video is crazy. cant even tell what grips the guy has. baseball
choke with the lapel lassoed through the armpit?

i dig the name "suicide choke." if i get good at it i may change it to
"kamikaze strangle" though, to denote its reckless nature.

lol @ rua.

holy hell at the second vid. I had no idea what was happening the first
viewing. what a choke.


Some things were not meant to be known by men.

"2nd video is crazy. cant even tell what grips the guy has. baseball choke with the lapel lassoed through the armpit?"

its like the gi brabo choke where you bring the other side of the gi around but the hands are like a baseball choke rather than a cross choke.

will someone please delete this thread

love the baseball bat choke I have done this from standing and from the knees many times but never in a comp.

Did it during sparing in a belt test once caught the guy with ti from the knees and by the time I had turned to my stomach he was out.

ive been using baseball chokes for nearly 20 years and i certainly dont do them that well compared to the 2nd video.