The Raiders signed JEFF GEORGE! I cannot believe this. Was Kenny Stabler out of the country or something. I almost had to pull my car over when I heard this. I mean this is classic Al Davis. They go out and sign Aaron Brooks, and make him out to be something he is not, and then when they finally start to realize that Aaron Brooks is simply not going to get it done they go and sign someone from a nursing home! Jeff George could not move around well when he was playing, how in the hell do they think he is going to do against the likes if San Diego and Denver who are two of the fastest defenses in the NFL. I think they are starting to realize that they are going to have a hard time throwing the ball to Randy Moss when they have to see Champ and Ty Law twice a year. This is too much. I just want to say thankyou to the whole Oakland Raiders organization for giving the NFL community and all of us here in Broncos Country something else to laugh at.


It does seem crazy.....They are being picked by many to have the worst record this year.

Well they play in the if not the toughest, the most competitive division in football, I can say with a fair amount of confidence that they will get swept in the division this year, so that is 6 guaranteed loses. Plus I think they play Indy, Pit, and New England this year. Add in Seattle and they will be looking at ten losses this year for sure.


303 I just beat the shit out of my computer monitor after I read your second post.

The Raiders DO NOT play Indy or New Engalnd this year. The Raiders WILL NOT get swept by the division. That is ridiculous. They WILL beat San Diego on the Opening Monday night game in Oakland. I am glad that you got a good laugh when you heard about George signing up for the Raiders.

PS Plummer sucks.


I'm still trying to figure out WTF we got him for.

I watched the games,and saw,what I thought would be,a good,not great,season..........and now they do this?

"They WILL beat San Diego on the Opening Monday night game in Oakland." No dude...seriously. Dude.

Aaron Brooks is not as bad as his last season. He's a decent QB and he has a good recieving corps. I think he'll do all right.

Raiders signed him and will cut him before the 1st game.

from some yahoo/AP article

Shell said the main reason to sign George was to get him familiar with the system in case they needed him later this season."

"...Even if he doesn't stick with us, there'll be somebody out there that knows a little bit about our system."

basically if 2 guys get hurt they will sign George during the season and he will have already been introduced to their offense.

If they do end up doing that down the road then the Raiders a fucked, might as well bring back Vince Evans.

Well I did not look at the schedule and figured their schedule would be similar to ours. So they are signing a 4th QB just in case the rest of your QB's get hurt. Very likely with the way your offensive line plays and the rest of the division really emphasizing getting pressure on the QB. You will get swept by the division this year. KC, SD, and Denver are all that much better than Oakland. Under a new coach, a new QB, and a entirely new scheme they will struggle, especially in the AFC West. Now if they were in the NFC West they may have a shot, but they are not that lucky.


I realize it's preseason and all,but barely beating the Texans,and you're already talkin shit?

Plummer looked like he was back in a Cardinals uni.

I heard were bringin back Marinovich as soon as he's out of drug rehab.

Give it time...Maurice Clarrett could still make his way back to the broncos

Preseason vs the Texans. Boy I am glad your logic worked on Indy, I mean they lost all 4 games last year then won 13 straight. Denver will be just fine.