MMA judges are the worst, hands down.

WOW. Robbery. Hilarious.

Another robbery. Who's surprised Phone Post

Bull shit Phone Post

Maybe Edgar should finish more fights instead of relying on point fighting. Phone Post

How's that a robbery?

A robbery is 49-46 Edgar.

Henderson won in Striking and aggresiveness.

Henderson completely outstruck Edgar.

Cry me river. Good decision.

 I hesitate to use the word robbery, but I thought Frankie won.

Definitely! Fuck man.

Thank you for this thread japetto, know you would have lost the bet. ;)

 Robbery my ass.  That's what Edgar gets for running and trying to steal a close decision.  

DAVID H - Cry me river. Good decision.

Agreed....but I'm at least glad to see the 155lb division move on to some fresh contenders

Fucking ridiculous!! Phone Post

This is bull Phone Post

Can't say that I really care one way or another...just no more rematches!

I thought ben won. But whateves. Phone Post

its not a robbery if it was close. dont be stupid. take off fan goggles. hes the challenger and it wasnt convincing Phone Post

hmb - Thank you for this thread japetto, know you would have lost the bet. ;)

How so?  I'm pretty sure that Benson didn't choke Frankie out rd 2.  Did I miss something?

How was that a robbery? It was super close. Phone Post