OMG WTF with UFC ticket prices??

this is absolutely insane.. if you can get this much and more ppv orders, then you need to start taking care of your fighters better.. plain and simple... -and this is straight from the box office, not incl. scaplers..

i have never seen an event that it cost this much to go to on any scale and this includes the best shows vegas has to offer.. 1000, 800, 600, 400, 200, 100 are the prices.. you greedy fkrs need to chill the hell out and start making the prices affordable for most people to actually watch the fights not using binoculars..
what the hell is going on here people??? used to be the best seats were $300, then 400, then 500... now they jump to 1000.... someone enlighten me please on this BS!!!

lol @ charging those prices for a D-rated show.

Those are Pride new years show prices..

"fucking slime. fighter pay has remained virtually identical."

You might want to do a little research before making that statement. Although many of the fighters are getting small paychecks, the big names are getting some HUGE paydays. Randy and Chuck received about $250K for their third fight plus a % of the PPV revenue. Its been reported they made more than a million dollars each. Add that to their sponsorship money and those guys have done quite well for themselves. GSP's manager said GSP will most likely make around one million dollars this year which is very impressive for a WW. I do think the lesser known fighters should be making a lot more but if you have the skills to become a champ (Chuck) or at least a very popular fighter (Tito), you can become a rich man by fighting in the UFC. There will always be guys willing to take the 2 or 3 thousand dollar payday because all the fighters know of the money making potential that exists for successful UFC fighters.

How can you say "fghter pay has remained virtually identical?" Did you stop watching the UFC back in 1997? Randy made 10K for winning two fights at UFC 13. Thats far from being identical to the million dollar payday he received 9 years later at UFC 57. The potential to be a millionaire is there for top fighters of today. 8-10 years ago a fighter was lucky to make enough to be able to train full time.


IMO $1mil is still shit if the event grosses 15mil in gate/merch/ppv.

I dont really blame UFC though as they have just recently started turning a
ridiculous profit. A year from now we'll really be able to see how it all
breaks down. Of course everything will change ASAP if the UFC ever sees
legit competition on American soil.

they must be doing ok with filling the seats at the venue if they are raising ticket prices. I agree, if it's too much for you to attend, don't attend. I'll be happy to report what happened to those of you less fortunate who simply cannot afford it.

If you buy two of the expensive seats, you're shelling out what some of the fighters make for fighting in the UFC..... that's pretty crazy.. and seems greedy to me... especially considering the PPV..

I had a big group of guys ready to go maybe 20 or so of us, but when I tiold them tix started at 100.00 they all backed out and now the PPV is at my house with a keg.

The Anaheim show had ringside at the ticket agents for $4500. The
next show will price out the same. It's the buyers not the house that
set the prices.

"STFU and go back to trading your tapes and downloading events since you cheap pricks don't buy tickets anyway."


having not read most of the thread, lemme go ahead and say that yes, the ticket prices are f'n nuts now. I had 4th row tickets several years ago for like 100.

I also had 1st row WWF PPV tickets about a year after that for only 200.

"The Anaheim show had ringside at the ticket agents for $4500. The next show will price out the same. It's the buyers not the house that set the prices."

5th row day of the event brokers were selling for about half of face value.  Day before the event 7th row was still available on ticketmaster.  Ringside is nice, but I'll give up 4 rows to save over $4k per ticket.


It's always great sitting next to a person that knows nothing about the sport, yet talks through the entire event like a total dumbshit. Happened last time- guy behind me in the nice section had a free ticket and should have been beatedn during the event. My favorite. Ear plus are a necessary at California UFC events as witness by the scum at the Pond- the Pond scum.

Theyre taking their direction from oil companies. TTT for a windfall profit tax.

You guys wanted "MAINSTREAM"!!

Nostradumbass, I think we must of been in the same!

"If Zuffa was only willing to shell out maybe an extra $50-80K per event to get these guys' wages closer to PRIDE's entry-level pay"

What is Pride's entry-level pay?

Look, I'm not gonna be unreasonable and suggest that just because we don't know what Pride pays it's lowest level guys that we should assume it's the same as the UFC, but I'm not sure taking 2nd hand information and trying to extend it like that is valid. I mean, do you honestly think Paul Rodriguez or Dae Won Kim made $20K for their Bushido appearances? I suppose it's not outside the realm of possibility but I doubt it very much.

If you would actually read my post, I think it's pretty clear that I don't.

Zuffa is about $$$$, nothing else. I can't believe some of you still can't see that.