On a new fitness binge

Ok binge is a strong word but I have been in the worst shape of my life for around three years now, mostly due to starting to smoke...

I am currently in Africa related to work. My wife called me three days after I got here and told me that she is pregnant with my first child.

That was about three weeks ago. Since then I have given up smoking and purchased a heavy bag and some gloves and eased my way into a program.

I wanted to post todays workout and coninue to do so for a little encouragement and input from the experts here.

I am currently 178 lbs and my goal is to get down to a lean and fit 165 so that I can fight again at 155.

Enough of the set up, here is todays workout.

8 Minute rounds x 3 no rest between

5 minutes on spinner bike, 3 minutes jump rope = 1 round/24 mins

5 laps around our house which includes inclines and steps = 8 minutes

3 rounds of 3 minutes of sloppy punches on the bag =
9 minutes

1 last 3 min round of jump rope = 3 mins

So that was about a 45 minute cardio workout... I had to work to get to this point and I hope to continue to improve.

Thanks for reading!

Just wanted to post to say congrats on the kid!

Good luck with your goal!

It was a bitter time in my life. So I started smoking.