? on circuit training

what are the fat burning effects of bw circuit training against other forms of cardio?

Would 30 minutes hard bw circuit training be effective as 30 minutes of another form of cardio?




Probably more effective as you are burning fat and building muscle at the same time.

i'd say more variations are better than a single type of exertion. so let's say that doing scrapper's #1 for 30 mins and skipping rope for 30 mins are your choices... scrapper's workout would be "more beneficial", innit.

More effective

How about bodyweight circuits vs. Taku's intervals, for fat burning purposes?

When I was kid during my amateur boxing days, I
did a circuit routine for cardio with weights -- it
consisted of 12 excercises for the entire body done
one right after the other with no rest inbetween for
a total of four full circuits. You do 12 reps for each
movement . It really works.

Thats kinda like crossfit. How many days a week did you do that?

I did it three times a week on non-runnng days.


Can you e mail that circuit routine you did to me at bazmarshall@gmail.com



I'd be interested as well. Why not just post it here for all to see, if it's not too much trouble?

Here is a circuit I sometimes do.These are with a barbell although you could use dumbells as well.
5 powercleans
10 front squats
10 push presses
10 straight leg deadlift
10 bent over rows
10 highpulls
10 pushups
10 scapular flex 10 (from the up position in the pushup position you squeeze your shoulder blades together) That's one set. You should start with a light weight as this is an asskicker.

This is the routine I used during my boxing days. I
used it three times a week on non running days
and only use about 60-70% of your normal training
weight. Also, you must not rest at all inbetween
exercises, run from one to the next one. Work up to
four circuits. Do 12 reps per movement.

1] Wide grip standing rows (shoulder wide grip) --
raise bar as high as head
2] Seated press behind the neck
3] Chin ups -- medium grip, palms facing face, pull
up to lower chest BUT try to keep your body on an
angle with your face as far away from the bar as
possible, in other words lean back
4] seated cable rowing -- keep upper body straight,
not chest concave, pull bar to lower chest
5[ parell bar dips done chest concave elbows wide
to the side -- not with back arched and arms
behind body -- this works triceps
not chest
6] wide grip bench press to the neck --- use very
wide grip and press to the throat -- use a spotter if
7] front squats
8] leg curls
9] calf raises
10] curls
11] close grip bench press for triceps
12] any type of weighted ab work

let me know if you have any questions.

looks kind of tough to do those consecutively. Nonetheless looks like it will get you in shape real fast. cool.

yes, it is tough. Don't try to do four circuits the first
time -- work up to it. I have seen a lot of guys vomit
from this routine.